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Feb 19, 2007 12:11 PM

Nasty Nasty Pinkberry

So, Lovely Companion and I went to visit the Little Tokyo Outlet of Pinkberry yesterday.

We ordered a small cup of green tea yogurt with red bean topping--classic, can't go wrong, right?


The resulting combination was so incredibly foul--sour floor cleaner topped with sweet legumes--after 1/2 a bite, we looked at each other, looked at the trash can and made a quick deposit, quick exit and quick entrance to the newly refurbished but venerable Mikawaya for a happy cup of "Asian Twist" (green tea, red bean and vanilla ice cream) for 1/2 the price.

Pinkberry, you may have a smooth, cool interior design, but your product is terrible!

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  1. It is yogurt, not ice cream.

    1. Visited LA last week and went to West Hollywood Pinkberry. I had a plain yogurt with mango, coconut & pineapple toppings. Yogurt was just average and the fruit topping was not even fresh - some bits of mango was tart, some was just bland, pineapple was obviously canned in syrup, and shredded coconut tasted frozen and dry! Friend had green tea yogurt with choco chips & granola toppings, the yogurt was flat and pasty, he dumped it after the first bit. Are we missing something here? Should we stick with the "berries" only?!

      Our overall expeience at Pinkberry: over hyped, big disappointment (good marketing, unacceptably bad product!) I think they can do a lot better for a $5 cup of yogurt.