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Feb 19, 2007 12:10 PM

Taco Bell grilled taquitos?

Perhaps I need some education on the definition of Mexican food items but Taco Bell is now selling "grilled" flour taquitos. I love taquitos and always thought they were corn tortillas wrapped tightly around beef or chicken and deep fried. Aren't the so called grilled taquitos really just a variation on quesadillas? We bought some anyway and I should have known better.

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  1. Yeah I tend to agree. I also got suckered into it and realized they are SOFT. They really aren't taquitos and were pretty bad for what they were also.

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    1. re: leepinleemur

      Same here. I love TB and eat there far too often, but these things are just plain bad. I assume they were engineered for eating in the car the way many new fast food items are but you can't dip them in sauce while driving. And with a sauce they're bad. Without a sauce they're pretty awful.

    2. Bleah! that sounds like the green burrito crispy taco shells, which are fried to be crispy and soaked in wet sauce and end up being limp and clammy.

      1. TB does not have a deep fat fryer - so they can't make real taquitos.

        the "taquitos" were kind of just like a mini grilled stuff burrito. i didn't think they were terrible - but i probably will not order them again.

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          They actually do have deep fat fryers, which they use to cook the empanadas, as well as a few other things like the potatoes.

          And I agree. They taste fine, but not a repeat iteam. However maybe we're not the target audience since they were designed for people who dine while driving.

        2. yeah...i ended up preferring the El Pollo Loco across from it and their $1 taquitos. . . . which were what I was expecting from a chain.

          1. While I plead guilty to occasionally eating TB's soft tacos, nothing here is appears anyway authentic. Most stuff is based on flour, and last I looked most (not all) mexican cuisine is based on corn. Why shouldn't the butcher the taquito as well?