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Feb 19, 2007 12:08 PM

Rolled Tacos at 2 am

BK (before kids) my DH and I would go out to listen to music and when the show was over we would head out for rolled tacos & Guacamole before heading home. (yes, it was a rut but it was a good way to soak up the beer and add back those calories lost while dancing). The kids are older now and we are able to get out more so we have regressed back to those lovely days and are finding it almost impossible to find any places that stay open that late. Any suggestions?

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  1. where do you live? cause in San Diego there are tons of places that are open 24 hours to eat all the rolled tacos in the world.

    1. If you're in Central SD - La Posta on Washington is a classic - I think our old neighborhood taco stand, Rolobertos on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights was also open 24 hours. They had the best (most consistently fresh and crisp) rolled tacos I've ever had in San Diego, and over the years I've had a lot! Our new spot is Sarita's in Casa de Oro - at the base of Mt. Helix, but I don't think they are open 24/7.

      1. We live in Rancho Penasquitos, out last outing was to the Kraken and we have also been know to go to Tiki House in PB, Winstons and the Waterfront. La Posta sounds good and I am going to Rolobertos next time we are at the Waterfront..sounds great! Any ideas for up north, or are we going to need to move :)


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          1. What, pray tell, is a rolled taco? I always assumed that that's a San Diego made-up term for taquitos. But maybe that's not it, or is it?

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              Rolled taco in San Diego at 2am is the code word for cigarette filled with cannabis