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Feb 19, 2007 12:03 PM

desparate for dim sum

looking for good dim sum nearest to Princeton U.


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  1. Do you have a car?

    Wonder Seafood on Route 27 in Edison is about the best full service dim sum restaurant in the region - okay, it's about 20 miles north of Princeton. But it's the real thing with cart service 7 days a week.

    It's at 1984 Route 27 in Edison on the Northbound side of the road. 732 287 6328 in the middle of a large Chinese community that includes other restaurants and grocery stores too.

    1. I don't know if it's there anymore, but when I lived outside Princeton we used to go to a place in the Princeton Shopping Center (on Harrison) that had a good dim sum brunch on weekends. Used to be Hong Kong something... But I vaguely remember hearing that it changed hands -- so I don't know if they still do dim sum. But it may be your closest.

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      1. re: eamcd

        That spot was taken over a couple of years ago by Shanghai Park. I've only been to the older sibling (same name) in Highland Park. Their steamed buns (aka soup dumplings) are first-rate. It would be worth checking to see if the Princeton location serves dim sum

      2. Don't forget Sunny Palace in East Brunswick.
        It's also about 20 miles away from Princeton, but oh so worth it.

        1. this sunny's looks great -- are they in a strip mall or something? I cant place it mentally.

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          1. re: nyebaby37

            No, it's a free-standing place... very nice inside. It used to be a nightclub, years ago.

            1. re: cranrob

              Sunny Palace is on the south side of Route 18, south of Rues Lane. There is signage on the road, but the building stands below the road line, so you almost can't see it if you are speeding by. I agree that it is one of the best decorated Chinese restaurants in the area. However, I'm not a fan of their regular food though I've never had their dim sum.

              1. re: RGR

                I agree with RGR that their regular menu is just OK. Their Dim Sum, however, is excellent.

          2. Since everybody is mentioning dim sum outside Princeton, I want to give my recommendation. 1-9 Seafood Restaurant 1021 Rte 1-9 in Avenel. Great dim sum!
            Every now and then, they close for some problems. Best to call before you go.