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Feb 19, 2007 12:02 PM

Sunday Brunch in Downtown LA?

The girlfriend and I are taking a vacation in our own backyard (downtown LA) next weekend. I've got the tickets to the show, the dinner reservation and the hotel room. Just wondering what the best places for Sunday Brunch are? I know all about the Original Pantry, not looking to go that route. But would appreciate any other recomendations for the best bruches, up or downscale, in downtown LA? Thanks all.

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  1. No idea on brunches, but you might consider Pacific Dininig Car for sort of a high end breakfast.

    1. You could try dim sum at Empress Pavilion or Ocean Seafood. Checkers Hotel also has very good breakfast, and I assume good brunch.

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        Are you sure you want to recommend any Chinatown joint for dim sum, seems to me that the recent consensus has been a thumbs down.

      2. We used to like the Grand Cafe for their lunchtime Brunch. (I assume they do a Sunday one also) It's in the Omni.

        The Bonaventure has a smallish Brunch which was okay, too.

        Best dim sum in downtown is Empress, or CBS. But the service usually sucks, which is part of the experience.

        1. Pete's Cafe... not technically brunch but you can get breakfast or lunch and have some tasty options for both... nice, relaxing vibe there and good service.

          1. Traditional brunch downtown seems to be a no go, sorry to say. I live downtown and I haven't found anywhere really worthwhile . . . except I can recommend the breakfast and lunch menu at The Standard Hotel Downtown - Their food is surprisingly good - nice details like Meyer lemon wedge for the fried calamari with two dipping sauces and a rich, unctious, apparently housemade beef broth for the French onion soup (with fresh thyme and well carmelized onions and real imported French Gruyere!). Their breakfast egg dishes are standard to better than that - and the prices aren't completely insane. Hope you have fun!