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Feb 19, 2007 12:01 PM

superb tacos @ Pacheco/Soledad

Hungry on 101 last night, driving north, stopped at this wonderful Mexican market and taqueria for a snack. It is open on Sunday when not much else was. I had not searched the CH archives, but see that there are recs on this place from the past. It is still great!

I had a taco with lengua, which was soft and juicy without being greasy, totally scrumptious and one with carnitas. The meat had proper crispy ends but the rest was not dried out, good but the lengua was better. The tacos came with onions, cilantro and a very good (hot) salsa. The to-go bag was packed with a radish and lemon. The tortillas were fresh, pillowy and lightly grilled. $1.75 each.

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