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Feb 19, 2007 11:52 AM

Slow Food Recommendations Rome

Has anyone eaten in the following Slow-Food recommended restaurants in Rome? Zaraza on Via Regina Margherita, Priscilla on Via appia antica, La Saracena on Via Porta Saracena, Belsito on Via delle Rimembranze and La sbirra on Via Verdesca

Also, I don't quite understand the price listings in the Slow Food Italian website (all the restaurant recommendations are in Italian, which I don't speak). For instance, for the restaurant named Priscilla, it lists the following:

Coperti: 50
Prezzi: 15-22 euro vini esclusi

I understand that the prices are 15-22 Euro, exclusive of wine, per person. But what is the coperti? I thought coperti was the cover charge, but could it possibly be so expensive? Is this perhaps some type of price fixed meal?

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  1. I don't speak Italian, either, but have used the Slow Travel website (which is in English) to look up some restaurants. I'd check for those restaurants there:

    1. I checked but they are not in the Slow Travel website. Thanks, anyway, for the suggestion.

      1. Coperti is the number of places they seat in the restaurant - here 50 seats

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