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Feb 19, 2007 11:44 AM

Lunch in Old Town?

I'm going to be in Old Town this Saturday and would love some recommendations for lunch--all cuisines welcome, but I'm looking for interesting and tasty food--atmosphere not really important.

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  1. Oui! So many places to go! If you like chili - the Hard Times Cafe is always tasty. If you want a good beer selection plus good food, try Bilbo Baggins at 208 Queen Street - about a block or so up from the water. If you like sushi or seafood, the Flying Fish on King St. is great. If you like Lebanese, I totally recommend the Pita House at 407 Cameron Street.
    Oh - and if you want awesome food with a very cool/eclectic atmosphere to boot, check out the Stardust Restaurant at 608 Montgomery Street. I was very impressed with the food, when I was there about a month ago.

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      I'm sorry, but you should not, under *any* circumstances, go to Bilbo Baggins for food. The beer selection is fine, but the food is absolutely atrocious.

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        COD & CHIPS were great at Eammon's, but the SKATE was terrible...tough and full of bones. Definitely stay with the traditonal cod. Not much room to sit inside, either.

    2. I just had lunch at Eamonn's A Dublin Chippery in my quest to find great fish 'n chips in DC/Baltimore areas. Try it... you'll like it. 728 King St.

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        I'll second Eamonn's. Excellent fish and chips. Top it off with a deepfried Mars bar and a pint.

      2. 100 King is good for Mediterranean flavors. Agree that Bilbo Baggins is no longer worth the time & money.

        1. 100 King has changed thier menu and there is very little Mediteranean, rather some French influence from the new chef. The change has not brought good reviews. It's a shame because they started off pretty good.
          I'll throw out Vermillion on King St. for hip american:
          Mai Thai :
          SouthSide 815 for southern:
          And, in case you're not familiar with Old Town's website:

          1. I had an interesting meal at Farrah Olivia, in the old Blue Point Grill space next to Balduccis. They serve a North African fusion cuisine.