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Wine Bar in Long Beach??

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Looking for a wine bar in LB, any suggestions?

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  1. there are wine bars all over los angeles region, unfortunately most of them are in los angeles! If you want a fun and not so serious wine bar you can try casavino wine bar on pine street. Tuesdays and Fridays have live music, and pine ave is sort of a fun place anyway. Cafe sevilla is a spanish tapas place, it is not a wine bar per se, but can double as one. If you want a serios wine bar, I am not sure where one is in long beach.

    1. This isn't Long Beach per se, but Brix on PCH in Sunset Beach is a lovely wine bar. Owned by a wine enthusiast who really takes care of his clients. He has wine tastings there too.

      1. Delius on LB Blvd. But they are moving to Cherry where "The Rib" used to be I think.

        1. Casa Vino is a good suggestion. I believe Frenchy's Bistro also does a wine bar type service. If you just want tastings, two places that do scheduled tastings are Wine Country (Signal Hill) or Vin de Pays.

          1. there's a small place on Broadway just on the north side of Redondo...forgot the name. cute atmosphere. there are others; let me try to remember. enjoy!

            1. Morry's on 2nd has a wine bar area these days. I have heard the food is good, and it's Morry's so the wine is not in question.

              1. theres a wine bar down on pine right by the pike, i think its just before CPK's on the bottom floor of a neighboring building. they do a cool tapas thing on thursdays.

                1. There are a couple of very fun wine bars in Long Beach. One is the Village Tasting Room which has a great selection, has different flights monthly, great appetizers and a very mellow atmosphere. It is at 250 W. Ocean Blvd, Suite B, Long Beach CA (562) 590-5300, www.villagetastingroom.com. Additionally, there is wine tasting at the Gaslamp restaurant on Thursday nights. On the weekends there is tasting at Vins De Pay which is a kitchy little shop and has eclectic tastings. It is located at 252 Elm Avenue - Long Beach California 90802 1-562-495-4499. If you are really into expensive tastings, Wine Country does tasting through out the week. Hope this is helpful.

                  1. is brigg's or bigs still there?

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                      Bigg's is on 2nd Street on the west end of the street, south side.

                    2. If you just want to do tastings, there is also a wine store on Redondo across from the post office, sorry, can't think of the name, but they are great there. Very knowledgeable and friendly the last time I went.

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                        store on redondo is called wine country...and it is amazing.