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Feb 19, 2007 11:08 AM

Palm Springs, Date Shakes, etc.

I recently spent four days in Palm Springs visiting friends from the past. We didn't have chowhounding on our agenda, but did confirm that Manhatten in the Desert (written about several times here) is the real thing. Sandwiches with good meat (mine was pastrami) stacked "up to there". The rye bread did tend to fall apart and it became a knife and fork thing, but with that much meat it might have been inevitable.

We also stopped into Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolates and split a date shake. The owner made it from "real" ingredients, milk, ice cream, and a date puree made from dates from Thermal down the valley. It was the real thing and very good. The owners are a husband and wife who recently moved there from San Francisco and are very gracious and friendly. Just for comparison, the last time I went to Shields for a date shake was a year ago and I gave up with the long line and one shake-maker, as well as the generally run-down look and not-interested staff. What a day and night comparison between the two places.

Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolates
Fudge, Ice Cream, Date Shakes, other confections
211 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs
800-653-8343 (may be 888-...)

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  1. Thanks for the date shake rec - it's hard to find a freal one - certainly not at Hadley's, as so many believe!

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    1. re: torta basilica

      I intended to drive up to Hadley's, also just for the drive, but ran out of time. What's bad about their date shakes?

      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        They're made with date "crystals." not fresh dates & just don't taste the same. BTW, my favorite is banana-date with nutmeg on top!

    2. Hadley's is hardly (pun) a good shake. It isn't a bad shake, just does not have the quality of the shakes at Shields.

      1. In reply to this one, Palm Springs Fudge uses Shields Date Crystals to make their milk shakes. Not fresh Dates. This I know for a fact. And on the point that Shields has only one shake machine has now changed and there are 3 in use all the time. I know the line is a little long at times but some things are worth the wait. Now onto the issue of the run down look and the not interested staff. I would hope, as would the GM and the owner that the staff in the store were friendly and helpful to each and every customer. There has been a great effort in improving Shields in the last year, after all we have to try to live up to Mr Shields standards.

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        1. re: tinkerbells1964

          I only saw what the owner of Palm Springs Fudge scooped into the shake can, a paste or puree (my words) that he said came from dates from Thermal (unless I misremembered the location). It sure wan't date crystals, alhough I don't know that there weren't date crystals in that puree (which would be fine with me). It was a rich, real shake with milk, ice cream, and dates.

          I can only hope that the improvements you describe at Shields actually occur or have occurred (I'm a year out of date). I was disappointed enough in the physical condition and staff attitude a year ago to not go back this year. I definitely wish that landmark place would return to worthiness, and I look forward to hearing from chowhounders about their experiences at Shields. I remain glad to report the worthiness of Palm Springs Fudge, its date shakes, and its gracious owners.