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Feb 19, 2007 10:48 AM

Westside Chinese with live fish ... destined for the plate

One of my folks' favorite dish was the whole cod that you'd chose from the aquarium and they'd prep and steam for the table. Most recently, JR's was the last remaining place that I knew of on the Westside that had live fish. Now, with the Hop Li takeover, they no longer have it.
Anybody have any recs?

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  1. I think Hop Woo has live fish. They are on the SW corner of Olympic and Sepulveda in West LA, (if you cut through on Pontius from the Pico side you may find street parking if their lot is busy).

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Last time I was there they were swimming in the tank, not sure just what they are. They also have crab and lobsters. I have always enjoyed those, but it has been awhile.
      As far as west side Chinese goes, this place is ok. Call to be sure they have live fish currently, and what they are.

    2. I think VIP Harbor at Wilshire / Barrington has tanks lining the back wall, but I'm not sure what's in them. You can give them a call (310) 979-3377

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      1. re: umeakai

        i've had plenty of dungeness from there and on the weekend they often have fish.

        it is quite great but even then one has to be careful; the tanks sometimes can be discerned. fresh really means from the ocean, period...