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Feb 19, 2007 10:48 AM

California "Nubie"

Visiting Carmel, San Fran and the Napa/Sonoma/Calistoga area - Need some outstanding restaurants for the perfect trip....from New York and love food...any ideas??

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  1. While in Carmel drive down to Big Sur and eat at the Post Ranch Inn. It will probably be the most amazing ocean view you've ever experienced, especially if it's a clear day. Expensive but very good food.

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      Thanks so much. It looks wonderful online. Do you have any feedback on the following: Fandango, The White House, Pacifics Edge, Stokes ?? Thanks again.

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        Fandango used to be good, but all my local friends report that it's tired and way past its prime.

        I like White House a lot. Nice old house, excellent 3 course meal choices or one can go ala carte. A search here will turn up more info.

        Stokes is not my favorite, but others have had better experiences than I.

        I would suggest Passionfish also. It is not as upscale as Pacifics Edge or even the White House, but it is a real locals' favorite on the peninsula. Innovative sustainable seafood preps, excellent and extremely well priced wine list, but not fancy. Good dining, not fine dining. Still, a very Monterey Peninsula restaurant.


    2. If you want to feel like you are in NY while on in San Francisco, Try Scala's Bistro. We spent a week in San Fran and Napa and enjoyed Scala's the best. I would also try Bouchon in Napa, Celadon (Napa downtown area near Copia), and if weather permits for a picnic, the Oakville Grocery. The only poor experience we had was at the CIA.

      1. In SF, get up early and go to Mama's on Washington Square(Stockton & Filbert) for breakfast, you will not be dissappointed. Then walk across Stockton and get some delicious foccacia form Liguria Bakery. I also love Lemongrass Thai(Polk between Green & Union).

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          I've been to Mama's twice and liked it, but as I remember the wait was scandalous both times. Have they expanded to accomodate the crowd or anything?

          OP, if you're in that neighborhood (N.Beach), make sure to hit Steps of Rome for the best cappuccino in California.

        2. Market, Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, Martini House in St. Helena. Also Giugni's for amazing sandwiches. I haven't tried Terra, Redd, or Press but really wanted too. We just ran out of time

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            Folks, please note, San Francisco and wine country chow discussion is out of scope for the California board, please continue that discussion on the San Francisco Bay Area board (where you will find plenty of ongoing threads that are pertinent). Discussion of the Monterey and Carmel area is appropriate for the California board, so please do continue that discussion here.