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Feb 19, 2007 10:47 AM

Mezzo Mare in Hull

Saw this spot the other evening when we were headed to Bridgeman's in Hull. It is an unpretentious looking place but had several people waiting outside so it must be busy. Anyone had any experience here? Would appreciate you comments.

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  1. It's a cozy, intimate place with terrific Northern and Southern Italian dishes. A great date place for sure, and the prices are pretty good considering the quality of the food and the atmosphere.

    1. I havent been in a little while, but my SO and I have gone a few times...great food, friendly service. It's a favorite among the locals.

      1. I have been to Mezzo and the pizza is great. How was your experience at Bridgeman's?

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          Bumping because I want to hear about Bridgeman's as well. Probably heading there this weekend.

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            Thanks for the response about Mezzo. Re Bridgemans's. Go early on a weekend. Not reservations on Sat PM.. We are early diners. Arrived about 6:00. Full choice of tables and they wanted to seat us at a small table for two. Asked about a larger table. Person seating us said no but sharp eyed hostess spotted the dialogue and immediately came over to seat us at a larger table. By 7:30 place was full including upstairs.

            Food excellent. Prices somewhat higher than expected but in line with quality. Watch wine specials by glass. Priced high. Did not mention prices on either wine or other specials. I always ask out of principle if they omit the prices. Wine list slanted to $35.00+ range to get interesting selection. Interesting sophisticated menu with quality ingredients and very well prepared. All in all a pleasant but slightly costly evening. Only draw back is that odors from open kitchen slide over into dining area when kitchen is going full speed and you will notice it on you clothes and coats the next day. GIve it a try.

          2. Have been to M. M. many times. Food is very good. Very fair pricing. Get there early on weekends, it gets busy. plenty of parking across the street. Real good fish dishes. Pizza is a well kept secret and real good. Wine list decent. Owner goes into the North End daily to keep everything fresh. You won't be disappointed.