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Peanut Butter, Bacon and Mayo Sandwich

My close friend's favorite!

She said:

Put Mayo on one slice, peanut butter on the other, fry three-four slices of your favorite bacon. drain oil. add hot bacon to peanut butter side, so it starts to melt it. chow down.

How is it? lol

Ps. with white bread

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  1. I might be wrong, but if you add a sliced banana to this brilliant combo, don't you have an Elvis Death Sandwich?

    1. I don't think the "Elvis" sandwich had mayo. And the whole thing was fried, like a monte cristo. Mmmm....that's eatin'!

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      1. re: Muskrat

        I think adding mayo to it makes it a "death sandwich"


      2. For years I have put mayo with my peanut butter sandwich and my kids said "gross". Hmmmm. Now I will add bacon.

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          I always make peanut butter and bacon, but never heard of mayo. But we also liked peanut butter and butter when we were kids. Either way, has to be on warm toast so the peanut butter melts a little

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            Peanut butter and mayo toasted--YUM! I mentioned this childhood classic at work a few months ago and no one else had tried it. I thought it was a common combo. So very very good.

            My favorite odd peanut butter sandwich was made for me at a restaurant I worked at in college. One of the cooks took it upon himself to make new vegetarian (not vegan) dishes for me to try on break. Here it is (and I realize that this will sound horrid to many, but everyone who has tried it on my advice--all 5 of them--has loved it).

            It's a grilled sandwich (preferably on rye, but whole wheat works) with peanut butter, cheddar cheese, banana, and grilled red onions. Oh so good.

            1. re: debbiel

              I decided that, having posted about this sandwich after having not eaten it for years, I should try it again. So we had it for dinner, with a few changes. I had just carmelized onions today with a little thyme, so we used those. I made buttermilk white bread today, and used that instead of rye.

              The verdict after all these years...still delicious. My partner, who had never had this before, also loved it.

                1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                  Just spread the pb on onse slice of bread, layer on the grilled or carmelized onions, add sliced bananas, put the cheddar cheese on top of that, top it with the other piece of bread. Then grill it however you would typically do a grilled cheese. Are yo going to try it?

            2. re: bwarnecke

              Dad, is that you? Just kidding. My father has always eaten peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. Sometimes he'd add a slice of onion. My sister and I never understood the appeal.

            3. A friend taught me to appreciate a BLT with peanut butter replacing mayo (which I do not like on sandwiches).

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              1. re: Karl S

                Every time you mention this, I make a note to myself to try it. This time I will!

              2. peanut butter, banana and mayo is a fairly common combo in the south.

                i also started eating the occasional PB and cheese on toast (like PB cheese crackers).

                my grandma used to eat PB and pickles. i never got into that one, but i did give it a try.

                i've never tried it with bacon. i can't see how it would beat the flavors of a BLT with mayo, so i think i'll just keep those two combos separate ;)

                1. Elvis's sandwich is p-butter and banana...fried.

                  I LOVED p-b and bacon sandwiches and p-b and may sandwiches as a kid...but I've never put all 3 together. Must try that soon!

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                  1. Growing up, one my best friend's mom always said her favorite sandwich was peanut butter, mayonnaise and pimento. We were all horrified and kidded her mercilessly. The idea of PB and Mayo still sounds awful to me. I am going to have to try it now, though, if so many chowhounders like it!

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                    1. re: Tom P

                      For me it was PB, MAyo & lettuce (iceberg) on doughy, white bread.
                      I, too, will now add bacon and make a 2nd version with bread buttered 1st. Then I will listen for that subtle sucking sound as my arteries clog just a little more.
                      Da Cook

                    2. I forgot I posted this. :)

                      So did anyone try it? The three sound awful to me. However, I do love bacon and mayo. Can't see the peanut butter fitting in.

                      1. So has anyone the peanutbutter-bacon&mayo sandwich with cheese, fried in butter? If you're going to clog your arteries...might as well be done properly.

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                          Actually, the PB will help mitigate the effects of the saturated animal fats.

                        2. PB and mayo sandwiches were a childhood staple in our household. Growing up in the Maryland suburbs of DC, NO ONE else I knew ate this particular combo. As a matter of fact, they were totally grossed out by the idea. However, I made a new friend in middle school and one day we were sitting together at lunch when she pulled out her sandwich. I asked her what it was and she looked a bit embarrassed when she replied "peanut butter, mayonnaise and lettuce." We became best friends. :) Of course it wasn't just any lettuce. Only iceberg would do. And, by all means, throw on some bacon. It's excellent!

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                            An old boyfriend made a grilled pb, mayo and bacon for me, just like you'd do a grilled cheese. I can't say I was looking forward to it as he was cooking but it was delicious. Omg delicious. I've never had another but remember that I loved it. Not sure why I doubted him, actually. I used to make grilled pb&j when I was a kid which seemed weird to my friends.

                            sorry, meant to reply in general.

                            1. re: xena

                              Mmmm grilled pb&j, except take it up a notch... PB&J Monsieur... soak the pb&j in a batter and fry.

                              My ex used to love when I'd make PB, Bacon, and butter, then soak in batter and fry... Serve w/ maple syrup... I know, I know.

                              1. re: Emme

                                good god, woman. pb & bacon sandwiches fried & served with maple syrup? i'm afraid to make it. i think i could love it.

                                pb&j monsieur, love that!

                                1. re: xena

                                  I wasn't eatin' it... My arteries are clear as a summer's day... FYI you can also add a little layer of grape jelly inside the PBBB...

                            1. hey thats a great idea..never tried it with bacon..i usually make pb onion and real mayo ....soooo goood

                              1. Hmmmm...I'm thinking I might have to try a peanut butter and pimento cheese sandwich. It pulls together a lot of the ideas upthread- PB with cheese, mayo, pimento, and my pimento cheese has a wee bit o' grated onion.

                                I'll be on vacation starting this weekend, but when I get back, it might be time to whip up a batch of pimento cheese for the cause.

                                1. My husband loves peanut butter, mayonnaise and bread & butter pickle chip sandwiches. I "yucked" for years, finally tried a bite and and it is really pretty good!

                                  1. I like it with onion too