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Mexican Pizza

Anyone know where I can find one? I think CPK used to have one back in the day. Some where I used to go had a delicious one. With Beans, shredded beef, jalapeno, onion, cheese, sour cream, guac. with thick crust.

edited to add: I meant thin crust.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh... my knees are shaking... sounds like a giant gordita but with pizza crust... mmmmm... giant gorditas... or would that be a muey gordo?

    1. If I knew what a gorditas was I could say. hee hee.

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        Oh Lulu my Senorita... you need to go to a taqueria or Mexican restaurant that serves it... I'd start at a taqueria and describe what you want on the gordita - looks like a more dense version of a substantial corn tortilla that has been shaped slightly into a low-brimmed bowl... relatively small - maybe three or four bites(two for me). I think you could at least be partially sated until what you're looking for... or you might even emerse yourself into the world of taquerias...

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          Oye, what you're describing doesn't sound like the gorditas I've eaten here in Mexico, where I live. What you've described is a *sope*. To make a sope, you form masa into that little low-brimmed thicker-than-a-tortilla thing you mentioned (and a good description you wrote!). That's fried till the masa is cooked through but not crisp. The top surface is then smeared with refried beans and filled with whatever additional toppings you want: carne deshebrada (shredded meat), queso (cheese), champiñones (mushrooms), a scattering of finely shredded lettuce (or cabbage) and tomatoes, etc. Add salsa and coarse salt to taste.

          A corn masa gordita, on the other hand, is a different shape and style. Similar to a sope, yes, but different enough to warrant a different name. Shape a ball of masa (about the size of a baseball) into a half-inch thick disk. Deep fry until the masa is cooked through and the outside is slightly crisped. Remove from the deep fryer and throw the disk on the comal (griddle) and continue to crisp the outside of the disk. When it's ready, split it open and stuff it with any filling: frijolitos refritos, rajas de chile poblano con queso, pollo deshebrado, carne deshebrado, champiñones con queso, chicharrones, etc. Plate the gordita and serve with a selection of salsas: salsa verde, salsa casera, salsa cruda, etc. Use whichever salsa you like, add finely shredded lettuce or cabbage, and coarse salt.

          In Zacatecas and other more northern regions of Mexico, the gordita is different yet. It's made of flour masa and the disk is smaller and very thin (although thicker than a flour tortilla). It's not deep fried, but prepared entirely on the comal. When the masa is cooked through and the outside is nice and toasty (but not crisp), the gordita is split and filled. The fillings are the same as those for the corn gordita.

          Then there are gorditas de nata. Nata, in this instance, is thick, heavy cream. These gorditas are half-inch thick disks of flour-based batter made with heavy cream, sweetened with sugar and vanilla and cooked like pancakes on the comal. They're served without adornment. Hot off the comal, they're heaven. We usually see them at fairs such as the fiestas patronales (patron saint's celebrations) in a village.


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            Sorry - I'm getting my substantial masa discs confused... I stand corrected. But I really really like both! And I truly enjoy clayudas as well... did I spell that correctly?

      2. It's been a while, but Pizza Place California in San Gabriel near the mission make a tasty "carnitas" pizza. Despite the name, they use beef instead of true pork carnitas, and the sauce is green tomatillo based. I'm usually not a fan of anything but traditional pizza, but this twist is good.

        1. I have never had it, but I have heard it is very good. Bambino's in Azusa has a pizza with refired beans etc. The owner worked for petrillos for a long time then started his own place. A hole in the wall for sure, I have had other things there that are good.

          1. Monte Alban has a "mexican pizza" that I really like. It's on a big tortilla, not pizza dough, but the mexican cheeze they use is great. The wife and I always split it for an appetizer, and it's usually my favorite part of the meal.

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            1. I wonder if Village Pizzeria in Sierra Madre does one. I know their sister location that used to be in Pasadena did...

              1. That reminds me of many, many years ago when I had a Mexican Style Pizza in a pizzeria in Baja, Mex. I still remember that pizza. It was a thin crust (pizza dough) with a very good mexican cheese, spread with refried beans, very tasty chorizo and top with jalapeño peppers. It was so good.
                I think that most pizza restaurants in the LA area will make a pizza with the toppings that you ask for, and you might be able to create your own Mexican pizza.

                1. The Best Americanized Mexican Pizza we've had so far is MI CASA in Newport Beach/ Costa Mesa. It's ginormous and about $13- , feeds 4. Our favorite is half Chicken and half Chile Verde.

                  1. I found this when I typed "mexican pizza" Los angeles into google.

                    sounds like el coyote has one.

                    All of the places listed above which is closer to LA? Newport Beach, Sierra Madre, Azuza or San Gabriel? Where is Monte Alban?

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                      El Coyote is closest but I would never recommend that place, so out of the other locations, San Gabriel would be closest to LA. However, since it has been a while, it would be a good idea to call them to verify if the carnitas pizza is still on the menu.

                      Monte Alban's is not a pizza per se, but rather a traditional Oaxacan dish.

                    2. Granadas in Burbank used to have a decent one. Some like there food others not, the strongest Ritas around tho, very smooth.

                      1. Casa Vega on Ventura/Fulton in Sherman Oaks has one -- with Spanish sauce, a thin layer of beans, ground beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese. All atop a really thin tortilla. Makes a nice lunch.

                        1. it's not at all tradiional, but Z Pizza (i think there's a couple locations...have used the woodland hills one which delivers) has a pretty decent "mexican" pizza with lots of avocados, salsa, etc. very pretty too.

                          Like i said....opposite end of the spectrum from a tlayuda, but still good in it's cal-pizza way.

                          1. Has anyone come across a good Taco Bellesque version of the Mexican Pizza (two crispy tortillas with assorted fillings and toppings)? I don't know how authentic it is, but i've had them in the midwest and prefer them to the "Mexican toppings on pizza crust" approach (called "taco pizzas" in the MW).

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                              I have. Okay, there used to be Naugles, here in the Los Angeles area there was one on Venice and Robertsonl, where Del Taco now stands. Naugles used to have Mexican Pizzas. They made it very good with lots of sauces, cheesiness, green onions, tomatoes, and black olives on top with a dollop of sour cream. There used to be another restaurant on Venice, I think in the same shopping mall complex that Annapurna's is in. On the left hand side facing the mall from the street is where it was located. I am pretty sure that they didn't have Mexican Pizza on the menu. I was a child and I insisted on a Mexican Pizza, concepts like menus and such were beyond me then. Also, Don Jose Mexican Cafe, in Tustin on their menu have "Mexican Pizza. . . . . . . . . .$10.25
                              A crisp flour tortilla topped with refried beans then loaded with beef or Chunky Chicken, green chiles and topped with guacamole, melted cheese and sour cream." I got that without meat made like the Taco Bell like Mexican Pizza, sandwiched between two tortillas.

                              I did not know that they were also called Taco Pizzas. Did anyone else have Taco Salads growing up--it's a taco just broken up. Often had from the dropped bits after eating some tacos . . .

                              Don Jose's Mexican Restaurants
                              14882 Holt Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

                            2. I made a couple of "Mexican" pizzas for a party once, starting with a dough that included a fair bit of cornmeal, topped with a good coating of El Pato sauce and peppers, onions, olives, chopped tomato and Chihuahua cheese. It flew off the buffet...anyway, I'm sure I must have read about something similar. Has anyone found such a thing for sale?

                              1. Isn't it a tad ironical to be looking for authentic mexican-pizza?

                                That said, you'll find it at Luigi Ortega's (of course) in Pasadena.

                                A description from their menu at www.luigiortegas.com :

                                "Mexican Pie (served with side of Sour Cream) ..................................................... 8.99
                                Refried Beens, Jack Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Cilantro, Chorizo and Sauteed White Onions."

                                1. I've had Pizza Place Ca's Carnitas Pizza which is very tasty, but it's not really carnitas. Who ever heard of Beef Carnitas? Flying Pizza in Duarte has an awesome Carnitas Pizza that is topped with Shredded Carnitas. It's pretty damn good. They also have a Mexican Pizza that is topped with Chorizo that I hear is good too, but I've never tried it.

                                  1. I am going to try one of these this week. You are all making it hard.

                                    1. This is CRAZY!!!! I am from Iowa/Illinois....I cannot Fathom a pizza joint NOT serving Taco Pizza!!! Around here it's a regular pizza just like Pepperoni...!
                                      Most start with a Pizza Crust...then Mild Taco sauce instead of Pizza Sauce some have refried beans then beef or sausage then cheddar cheese...after that comes out of the oven then they add Lettuce Tomato more Cheddar cheese and Crushed Taco Chips or doritos! Also served with More Taco sauce, sour cream and black olives on the side! I discovered it is not a known thing in Cali when my girlfriend came to visit me in Iowa...she thought I was crazy! SO, for her Birthday I searched high and low and found a godfathers in Newark CA that makes it and is delivering her a jumbo one to work... now, I'm searching for a place near Granada Hills that serves a taco pizza for a friend also that thinks I'm crazy! Pizza Huts here have them! But not in cali! That's just crazy! I think I need to come out there and open a pizza chain with Taco Pizza! BLT is anotther popular one around here... regular canadian bacon pizza after cooked, they add mayo then lettuce and tomato....very yummy!

                                      1. Sisley (actually pretty good!)

                                        Casa Escobar

                                        Comfort Cafe

                                        Greenwich Village Pizzeria

                                        Tidal Wave


                                        Big mama's and Papa's

                                        1. I have still not tried any of these, and I am still craving one. So I will try one soon. That is so weird that Mexican Pizza is big in Iowa and not here. I finally remembered where I used to get them, it wasn't CPK, but the Red Onion!!!!! What happened to The Red Onion?

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                                            Aha! Red Onion! That might be where I had the Mexican Pizza you described with a thin and crispy crust. Please report back if you taste anything like it here in LA.

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                                              Just had what I consider to be a great Mexican Pizza at Mario's Mexican Restaurant. Chicken or beef are both good. I like it because the guac is buried just below the melted cheesy blanket on top.......Beauty!

                                              Mario's Restaurant
                                              15964 Springdale St
                                              Huntington Beach, CA 92649
                                              Phone: (714) 894-2896

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                                                I've always enjoyed the mexican pizza just a few miles north on Springfield/Westminster Blvd at Casa Gamino's. In fact, I like this place better than Mario's when it comes to their food, complimentary chips & salsa, and seating comfort.

                                                1. re: HBfoodie

                                                  You're right about the seating, Casa Gamino has plenty of room. I used to think their mex. pizza was as good as Mario's, but the last 3 times I went will be my last 3 times. To me, the food quality has gone downhill.

                                                  1. re: Grubber

                                                    Thanks for the info because its been quite sometime since I've been to Casa Gamino.... Do you know if the Mario's in HB's Five Points Plaza is better than the one on Springdale? (I've never been to the location on Main St)

                                          2. Finally got around to having this at the red onion! It was much like I remember it. This one has a crust made from tortilla and not out of the dough. It has changed a bit but not much.