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Feb 19, 2007 10:31 AM

donuts in cc phila

Any good places in center city philadelphia for donuts??

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  1. Lil' Spot (100 S Juniper) is a 'hidden' place that's supposed to have fresh-to-order mini doughnuts that are good. I haven't been, though.

    1. Unfortunately, I think Lil' Spot closed a while ago.

      1. Lil spot has been dead and gone for at least a year miss those mini donuts. The donuts at Bleiler's (Weds through Sat) at Reading Terminal Market are pretty good, especially the cinnamon.

        1. I'm glad this post was started as I was planning on starting one as well. I have some contractors building my house and I like to take them over some food from time to time. I'm curious as where to find some good homemade donuts in CC so I'm all ears.

          1. Termini's used to have really good vanilla cream ones but stopped making them a few years back. Hard to find a good donut in this town these days.