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Feb 19, 2007 10:31 AM

Barcelona/Sevilla/Cordoba/Granada/Costa del Sol

I'm heading to Spain in a week and a half and have been trying to do some research on where to eat, but am still unsure. I'm travelling with my boyfriend and we like pretty much all food. We would like to keep most meals reasonably priced (~$100 for both of us), and maybe 2-3 nicer meals. Does this seem possible? We would like to go to places with a fun atmosphere (we're in our mid-20s) but the quality of the food is more important to us. The other thing is that we will be in Barcelona Friday - Sunday, which restaurants are open on Sunday night? If anyone has some recommendations in any of these cities I would greatly appreciate it. Restaurant addresses would be helpful too! Thanks.

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  1. Someone else might chime in with a Sunday-in-Barcelona suggestion, but if they don't, I have a good back-up for you:

    Market, on either Borrell or Urgell, half a block mountain-ward from the Mercat Sant Antoni (hence the name). I assume it's open on Sunday, because it's affiliated with a hotel, and they'd have to be, right?

    It's probably not as fun as you're looking for, nor as expensive, but for the sophisticated atmosphere and the good food, it's a great deal, and might be your best Sunday-night bet.

    Here's the hotel's website:

    1. Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind for an option.

      Anyone else have any recommendations in any of the cities?

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        Hi. For $100 you will be eating like the king and queen. Your question sort of
        encompasses 1/3 of the country and all the major tourist areas so it's real hard
        to pin down specific recommendations beyond what you might find in a decent

        But that aside, have you also done your research on *how* to eat? The earlier
        you figure out what's happening when, the better your experience is going to
        be. The best-written introduction I've found is in the Blue Guide to Madrid
        (I don't think it's in any of the other Blue Guides). Highly recommended if only
        to read it over in a bookstore. The Spanish eating schedule is rigorous and
        relentless and you'll have a much better experience if you can adapt yourself
        to it, rather than it to you.

        Penelope Casa's Foods and Wines of Spain is a cookbook but it has a fair
        bit of culinary history and culture throughout. Definitely a good introduction to
        what you'll find over there.