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Feb 19, 2007 10:26 AM

Good Sushi on Redondo Beach Pier

Although it sounds really unlikely for the location there is a small sushi restaurant called "oriental Breeze" on the redondo beach pier (112. N International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 phone: 310 376 3889). It was recommended by a Japanese business associate. We realized we had walked by it numerous times without even giving it a second thought. We have been twice and can say it is really good. The fish is very high quality and fresh. Once we went omakase and it was fabulous. The other time we just ordered. They have very traditional things like Ankimo and an array of specials etc. Many of their regulars have bottles of Shochu with their names on them (not to be confused with Korean Shoju!) but you can just order it by the glass and they bring the bottle to the table and measure how much you drink at the end of the meal. It is by no means a fancy or trendy place but instead a more authentic style place with much importance paid to the quality of fish.

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  1. Thanks for the post. My S.O. and I are always looking for good sushi locally. Most of the time we end up in Gardena but we are blessed in the South Bay to have such a sizable Japanese community. Additionally the International Boardwalk is a great place with an "I'm not in Los Angeles anymore" type of feel to it. I used to work there at one of the restaurants and it's a very tight knit community where everybody knows everybody else and the atmosphere is quite friendly.

    1. Oriental breeze is a good place to go on a sunny day at the pier. I live very close to the pier, so I like to go every once and awhile. I would recommend it to people who are visiting the RB pier area. It is a good find. I think Tomi sushi and Ichiriki (And formerly KAnzen) still set the standard for sushi in redondo beach though.

      1. If you know someone who speaks Japanese, there's a dude at Quality Seafood that'll hook you up with outstanding sashimi grade fish. He'll tell you what's worth buying, he'll cut it to your specs and he'll give you an awesome price.

        If you don't have the Japanese connection, you can't go wrong with a pound of tuna or shrimp poki for $5/pound and many varieties of beer on tap and in bottles at Quality Seafood. I like to grab a table and people watch with the aforementioned goodies.

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          His name is Saji and he is the best at selecting what's best for sashimi on any particular day. He's the fellow with the Captain's hat. We went to QS's Christmas party a couple of years ago and the sushi and sashimi spread was amazing. Just ask him what's good for sashimi and he'll fix you a platter of excellent fish for a song.