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Best time to go to Di Fara's?

We will be going to Di Fara's on Sunday and were wondering what is the best time to get there for the shortest amount of wait?


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  1. Opening time - which is generally between 11:30 am and noon.

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      Agreed. I've gone there at 12:15 PM on a Sunday and there was nobody there.

    2. My son says to go when it's cold or snowing. Otherwise there is no good time. He went last Wednesday during the snow and didn't have to wait.

      1. We were there today at 11:55 and had fresh slices, no waiting. You may not be as lucky on a Sunday, but agree early is your best chance.

        1. a GREAT time to go is on a monday or tuesday or even wednesday night at around 9:30/45 ish- dom is always cranking out pies, the oven is screaming hot, and there is usually no one around. order a fresh pie with 1 slice of a topping on it- then distribute the mountains of said topping to the rest of the pie. dom has great pepperoni, the artichokes are great, the green olives great, etc. enjoy and best- fb

          1. I like weekday midafternoons. 3pm, 4pm, 4:30pm.

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              Agree...have had nothing but success on recent weekday "lull" hours between 3 & 4:30...so good last trip (Friday) that a box of three fresh squares was in my hand (to enjoy four hours later) within five minutes. Milagro!

            2. Decided to try it again after my initial 45 minute visit resulted only in 2 square slices. On my second visit, about an hour on a Wednesday evening around 4:45, had the less-than-competent son behind the counter and mayhem in front of the counter. (And the plain pie I got had a bit too much charring.) My third trip last week, on a Tuesday afternoon around 3, resulted in a delicious pie after only 20 minutes (the daughter was assisting that day). Definitely, the time of day and the person taking orders make a huge difference.

              1. 4:45 is a tad late.

                If the daughter is there, you should always order prepared food, IMO.

                1. Careful going when school gets out. I was there one time when a gaggle of loud, foul-mouthed obnoxious kids crowded in and started swearing and being rude. When the daughter told them it would be about 15 minutes for a slice they said "f*ck that" and left. After they left she told the rest of us waiting patiently and not being assholes that it would be more like five minutes.

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                    Has anybody been there at 12 on a weekday? Is he wait still long if I show up say on a tues at 12?

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                      I've been there around that time during the week. I've been three times now, and my advice, if time permits, is to go and just expect the way. Savor the wait. Order a whole pie, or two. Yes, I've gone with another woman and ordered two pies. If your situation permits, bring a bottle of wine (and an opener and some glasses). I've never gotten just a slice there, fwiw.

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                        I've gotten there right before they open and ordered a whole square. I still end up waiting for over an hour because the first square is inevitably gobbled up slice by slice and I have to gently remind Dom that I'm waiting for my pie.

                        My advice? Call Artichoke pizza on 14th and 1st Ave and tell them what time you want to pick up your pie and it will be ready and waiting. No lines. No train rides. No "savoring the artisanship" crap. Just great pie that rivals DiFara's (especially the square pie).

                  2. the website makes it look like it closes from 4:30 to 6 every day - is that right? I was planning to hit it right at 6 on a Thursday for my trip in July. Although admittedly, after reading this board on the subject, I'm tempted to just head to Artichoke instead! I just want some really tasty and authentic Brooklyn pizza.

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                      Well, I think they probably close at 4 every day, but they don't always open at 6. I got there at 5:30 on Saturday and there was a sign up that they were reopening at 7:30. There were people inside. This is the second or third time in a row I've gone over during "business hours" and been locked out. Luckily I live nearby, so it's not a big deal, but I would have been pretty annoyed if I'd made a special trip. Admittedly, Saturday is a stupid day to try to go at all.

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                        wow, that is good to know! I'm definitely thinking I'll try another place for pizza in Brooklyn. I would not handle that well. Thanks to everyone for the frank advice on DiFara!

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                          Mr. Demarco is getting old. I'm really glad he's taking a couple hours off in the afternoons. Better for him, better for the pizza.

                          This is personal, loving food. Its aim isn't to be hyper-consistent, diligently convenient, or omni-available like, say, Sbarro's. We consumers are so accustomed to (read "spoiled by") the endemic model that we forget it doesn't apply to the more personal sort of craftsmanship....which is rare.

                          I'm ok with the wait. I'm ok finding a locked door or a burnt crust from time to time. Those unwilling to put up with such things have the other 99.9999% of eateries to choose from - places which ask little or nothing of the customer. Those of us willing to work harder, wait longer, and overlook more are rewarded with a level of deliciousness and personal expression unavailable in such restaurants.

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                            That's pretty much how I feel about going as well. I make sure I have plenty of time, plenty of wine if I'm not driving, and a friend or two with whom to enjoy both the experience and the chow. If I want a quick slice, I go elsewhere.

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                              Overall, I agree but I have to feel sorry for the people visiting from out of town who show up to find a locked door, especially if they did their research ahead of time.

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                            I love DiFara's but the frustration just isn't worth it...especially since I've discovered Artichoke.

                            1. re: pastoralia

                              I live nearby as well and never go. I don't need attitude and lines with my pizza. If you want really excellent pie, try Italia at 307 King's Highway, corner of West 6th Street. (718) 339-0666. They've been in business for 50 years. There's a reason for that.

                              Not only is their Neopolitan pie excellent (I love the pepperoni), but their Sicilian is the best I've ever tasted. Light and very crispy. Oh yes, they deliver. I order it every Friday night without fail.