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Feb 19, 2007 10:03 AM

Need Fun Japanese Dining in Orlando

Would like to take my nephew who is turning 7 to a fun Japanese restaurant (he's learning about Japan in school). Don't know if he's ready for sushi, and food should be palatable for adults as well. Would like to steer clear of chains. Saw a suggestion for Ran-Getsu of Tokyo on I-Drive, but not sure if its kid friendly.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Ran-Getsu is fun for kids. Also, Disney "Epcot" has Japan pavilion and there have restaurant. "Teppan yaki " ( American called "Hibachi" cooking )
    Chef cooking right front of your table and throw the knife & shrimp on the air.
    I would to say not really good food but I am sure really fun for your kids.

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    1. re: BradPatt

      But if you want teppan style dining, there are plenty of places (Kobe, Benihana, Wazzabi, basically any Japanese restaurant that calls itself a steak house will offer this style of food) without a $60 cover charge to get in.

      Ran-Getsu would be a very good choice, in my opinion, as would Benihana -- in the Hilton at the Disney hotel plaza.


    2. I think that Tempura Kiku at Epcot would also be fun for a child. Not wonderful quality sushi, but it does have tempura dishes, as well, and the chefs are from Japan.

      We also like Kimono's at the Swan hotel by Disney's Boardwalk. It's not got as much of a fun atmosphere, and seems to be quieter & more adult oriented, but the sushi is good quality. They also do sushi without raw fish; their Mexican rolls consist of a fried shrimp inside the roll.

      Heather W

      1. Disney and Mitsukoshi (pavilion sponsor) are getting ready to close the entire restaurant down. They are in the process of building a new kitchen in new, attached space, and once that is done they will close all three restaurants -- the bar, the tumpura place and the teppan place -- to gut it and rebuild it with a much larger sushi-centric (can I say that?) theme.

        I'd be sure to call Disney and be sure the restaurant is open before making the trip and buying the tickets.

        Kimono's is also very nice, one of my favorite designs at Disney, but they do not do teppan style food at all.


        1. Arigatou everyone.
          I'm planning to go to Ran-Getsu, but is there a $60 cover charge or was that the entrance fee into Epcot?

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          1. re: masala maci

            Yeah, that's the one day admission to Epcot for an adult. Kind of puts a damper on having a meal out there, doesn't it?


          2. Thanks again everyone. We also went to Hanamizuki which served really tasty and authentic Japanese food without the flair. We were basically the only non-Japanese in the place.

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            1. re: masala maci

              Just as a follow up, please.

              Your described hanamizuki as "tasty and authentic Japanese food without the flair."

              Did it meet your criteria, especially at their price point, for "my nephew who is turning 7 (for) a fun Japanese restaurant (he's learning about Japan in school). Don't know if he's ready for sushi, and food should be palatable for adults as well."


              1. re: Bob Mervine

                Sorry, we went to Ran-Getsu with my nephew. We went to Hanamizuki the next day. I didn't think it was that much more expensive than other restaurants in that area, but honestly I haven't spent that much time there. My husband, who lived in
                Japan for a few years, thought the tempura w/ cold udon was delicious. And I thought the sushi was much better than I expected. We were probably the only non-japanese at the restaurant, which was the opposite of Ran-getsu. Both were good experiences, just different.

                1. re: masala maci

                  Thank you. I know Ran-Getsu is very dependable to be what it is and I wasn't concerned about them.

                  But it has been a while for me to visit hanamizuki and I always try to get a quality check on places I recommend. I'm glad it was still up to their very high standards.