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easy egg salad recipe?

i'm looking for an easy egg salad recipe that is very light on mayo/miracle whip. thanks!

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  1. Is your goal here to reduce calories?

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      well less calories would be good, but i actually just prefer an egg salad that isn't very creamy. i like it dryer. also, my goal is for it to be very easy as i am not that skilled in the kitchen, and i don't have any kitchen devices other than a stove, microwave and toaster!

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        The egg salad I like best is very uncomplicated. I prefer to add only some chopped onion, a little freshly ground black pepper, and just enough mayo to hold it together. For less of a creamy consistency, you can use olive oil + mayo, or dispense with the mayo completely as suggested below. As for equipment, I like to use an old-fashioned wooden chopping bowl and chopper, but mashing with a fork certainly works.

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          Growing up, my dad would make chopped egg like this - chopped white onion, some freshly ground pepper, a little salt and some oil. The only catch is that he would only do this on Passover, even though it was totally delicious and could easily be made year round. My dad used to say that this was one of those treats that you appreciate even more because you only eat it a few times a year. So to this day, I only make it on Passover - it's great on matzoh!

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            A very easy way to make egg salad with just a little mayo, is to get the egg chopped pretty small .The smaller the pieces, the less mayo it takes for them to hold together. And if you push the hard boiled egg through a mesh sieve, it's ultra fast too.

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              ooo i need to get one of those. lol.

        2. i like egg salad with no mayo -- just good olive oil, a little dijon mustard, S&P. If I have them, I add chopped scallion and/or fresh herbs (dill, basil, chives, tarragon, parsley). Capers are nice, too, if you like them, or a few chopped olives.

          1. I agree with JenMarie above, although I don't usually add olive oil either. Just a little bit of mustard. I like chopped capers or celery or onion or all of the above.

            The only thing I would add is that I like to grate my hard boiled eggs on a cheese grater.

            1. i use creole mustard, a little mayo, minced celery and onion, chives and salt and pepper. the creole mustard gives it a nice kick.

              1. I also use the coarse part of a grater for making egg salad. I then add diced celery; bell peppers a tad of dry mustard [or prepared]; black pepper, dill weed and mayo to taste.

                1. Other ingredients to consider are white worcestershire sauce (the one labeled "for chicken") or a mashed anchovy filet well blended with the yolks.

                  1. Here's a tip that will make the process a little easier: Older eggs peel easier. Try to plan so that you've bought your eggs a while before you're going to make the salad (I don't know exactly how old, I just use my oldest eggs if I'm boiling them).

                    1. TJ's has this great spicy egg white salad. I copied the ingredients and did a pretty good job at recreating. I'm sure it wouldn't matter too much if you left the yolk in - just add a bit more seasoning

                      Finely diced red bell pepper
                      Finely diced jalapeno pepper
                      garlic powder
                      dried chives
                      onion powder
                      cayanne pepper
                      dried chili (i left this out and added more cayanne)
                      a dash of vinegar (i used rice wine vinegar)
                      mayo as desired

                      it was soooo good!

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                        so did you buy their egg salad already made then try to duplicate? sounds yummy!

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                          yea - i bought it last week and it was so addicting i had to go back and get more. i live in new orleans (no TJs) - so i wrote down the ingredients and then tried to recreate at home. the home version tasted almost identical (though i didn't add as much mayo).

                          also - i forgot two ingredients - LEMON juice and chili powder. i added the lemon but not chili powder. and their ingredient list calls for cider vinegar - i used rice wine instead.

                      2. thanks everyone for their responses! sorry if i didn't respond to you directly. =)

                        1. I also find if you chop the egg fine, you need less mayo. I chop my eggs in the food processor and it works great.

                          My recipe, which I make often:

                          12 hard boiled eggs, chopped fine in the processor
                          Half a sweet onion or a large shallot, chopped fine
                          2 or 3 ribs celery, and leaves, chopped fine
                          2 T dijon mustard
                          Salt and pepper
                          Herbs de Provence (optional)
                          Easy mayo (usually a couple of big wooden spoon fulls, for 12 eggs)

                          I go heavy on the spices.

                          1. I don't like the taste of mayo in my egg salad so I do a combo of mayo and mustard, the mustard gives it a nice zing!

                            1. so simple and so good...finely chopped eggs, a bit of mayo, fresh horseradish, honey mustard and s & p to taste.

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                                ooooh, horseradish - nice idea and addition, I am going to try that on my next batch.

                              2. To chop my eggs I use an egg slicer one way and turn the egg in the slicer and slice the other way. I also like worcestershire sauce, regular kind, mayo a little mustard, celery salt, pepper and some balsamic vinegar.

                                1. S+P, touch of mayo, and a good shake of curry powder.

                                  1. I keep the recipe as simple as possible. My biggest issue was the texture. The whites always got all beat up and I did not like that.

                                    Now I cut the egg in half and place the yolks in a bowl. I cut the wihites into 1/8-1/4" cubes. I add Hellman's S&P to the yolks and mix, then fold in the whites.

                                    1. There's a brand of mustard that has tarragon mixed into it. That's really nice in egg salad.

                                      I like a lot of mustard, a little mayo, a little olive oil, salt and pepper and then either fresh tarragon and dill or basil and no other herbs. Egg salad made with fresh basil on good chewy/crusty bread and with summer tomatoes is a serious treat.