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Feb 19, 2007 09:53 AM


Anyone been to Baltic on Blackfriars Road?

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  1. Not for some time now - but it used to have a good value lunch menu. Decent enough Polish cooking, and with specials that were occasionally of interest. But not enough interest to get me back when there are many other better value places around Southwark tube. It's a very nice space, though and apparently has a good vodka bar.

    1. Excellent selection of vodkas at the bar ( many of which are house made infusions - which they make by putting the bottles in a baby bottle warmer)

      Passable mix of Eastern European dishes with the starters being better than main courses.

      Not somewhere to rush to for a full meal but a good stopping off point for drinks and a snack at the bar


      1. Ditto, great place for a drink but I wouldn't go for dinner. Light lunch maybe.

        Simon, congrats on beating chow (no mention of chowhound) in the Independents 50 best food websites!

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          when it comes to food and drink, the british press is notoriously objective. for example, the reviewers NEVER identify themselves to restaurants, they are scrupulously objective in never tipping friends without full disclosure and so on.

          very valuable stuff, those lists.

          1. Have to say that I always enjoyed my meals there both in terms of food and setting but it's been at least 4-5 years since I was last there I would reckon. The vodka list comes highly recommended but I also seem to remember a very decent winelist.