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Feb 19, 2007 09:48 AM

Steak Frites *other than* Relais de L'Entrecote?

I am in Paris right now (report to come, but so far L'Ami Louis was well worth the hype and $$$, going L'Astrance, Sens, and La Famille), and am looking for a fabulous place where I can satisfy my husband's steak frite craving while still satisfying my need for a great culinary/ restaurant experience - with choice. Do not want L'Entrecote, even if it's supposed to be "the best," as I want to eat something other than steak frite, want a great wine list, not to be rushed, etc. We are currently scheduled to go to Benoit that night - but I don't know if they'll have it. Thanks!

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  1. It may not be what you are looking for (not fancy at all, but fun, fun, fun) is l'Opportun, on the Rue Edgar Quinet very near the Montparnasse station. They have outstanding beef and veal onglet. Cooking is Lyonnais, and the proprietor is one of the great characters of Paris. L'Opportun won a Meilleur Pot a few years ago, so the man knows his wine. Also a few years ago, President Chirac took then-Prime Minister of Spain Aznar to dinner there. Check it out!

    1. Les Gourmets des Ternes, 87 bd de Ciourcelles, is the best steak house in Paris according to my Parisien friends. Seating is a bit cramped however. You can get a decent Dover sole as well.

      1. Rotisserie d'en Face in the 6th.

        1. Try Brasserie Gallopin, Michein Bibb Gourmand, Rue ND des Victories, very nice wood paneled decor, you will not be rushed. I have attached a picture of the steak frites, a piece of beef filet, frites, bearnaise sause, green beans and a very tasty roasted tomato. Here is a link

          1. Hi, i suggest Le Relais Plaza of the Plaza Athenee. Its a deluxe bistro overseen by Alain Ducasse, each month he selects a young chef from the regions of france to make a special menu called "fou de france" 45 euro. As for steaks, they serve a Faux-filet de boeuf a la braise with fries for 48 euro and a Filet de Boeuf Rossini at the same price. I'm not sure if they share the cave with ADPA but possible.