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Feb 19, 2007 09:38 AM

Which "Guest" is Best?

We've been blessed with a gift card to any "B.R.Guest" restaurant (includes the Blue Water Grill, Blue Fin, Barca18, Isabella's, Vento's, Level V, & Ocean Grill plus Fiamma, Dos Caminos and Ruby Foo chains.

Looking for guidance on which one of the above would be the most spectacular food and your recommended dishes. Thanks 2 all, since I haven't been to any of them.

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  1. Well, one less to worry about since Barca 18 has closed.

    Of all the B.R. Guest restaurants, I've only been to Blue Water Grill and have always had good food there. The space, which used to be a bank, is large, with very attractive decor. The overall vibe is upbeat. On weekends, they have a jazz brunch.

    From what I've read, many people feel that Fiamma has the best food. However, the longtime chef recently left, so it's possible opinions about the food have changed.

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      I agree with RGR that Blue Water Grill or Fiamma would be my choices. I've had a few meals at Fiamma and all were good, but that was with the old chef and I'm not sure how much has changed with the new chef. Fiamma leans towards (or used to) Italian seafood and Blue Water Grill is a seafood place too.

      Blue Fin was good the few times I've been there but far from outstanding. nothing really memorable about it. Ruby Foo's should be avoided. Vento's and Level V are more about the scene than the food. The same can be said for Dos Caminos which has decent but overpriced mexican food and margaritas.

    2. I've been to all the BR Guest Restaurants except Ruby Foo. Isabella's is my favorite for brunch (although always crowded and can be hectic) and I've always been very happy with Atlantic Grill. I had high expectations when I went to Fiamma's and was not impressed. Blue Water Grill is also a decent choice but I enjoy Atlantic Grill better as I've found its consistency has been better than that of Blue Water Grill's.