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Feb 19, 2007 09:27 AM

Lee - a review

First time at Lee for YYZSolly. Had just returned from a business trip to Bogota and was looking forward to a first time visit to Lee with Wifey.

So, we shared the following (dish names aren't exact...working from memory):

- Yucatan salad
- Miso cod
- Slow cooked beef
- Matchstick potatoes
- Shrimp with potato croquettes

and, for dessert, we shared:

- Molten chocolate cake
- Apricot sorbet

And, to drink, we had a new drink not even on their menu yet. It was Chambord, sparkling wine (a Cava, I assume), vodka and an Asian jelly. The drink was superb.

As for the meal, it's was fine. Nothing speactacular and I would not return. Let's review the highs and lows.

Highs first:

- For a very simple dish, the matchstick potatoes were great. A big mound of fried shredded potatoes with spiced mayo and dry, curry-like spices. Really tasty and kind of complex.

- The apricot sorbet and the accompanying biscotti were wonderful. Very tart sorbet and a crunchy biscotti with a full, broad flavour.

- The slow cooked beef was right on. Rich, hearty, tasty, very melt-in-your mouth. Just like my mom would have made, had she known how to cook.

The So-Sos:

- The cod was okay, but, in comparison to the miso cod at Rain, for example, it had no flavour. Nicely presented and perfectly cooked, just was too subtle.

- The Yucatan salad. VERY crunchy and I liked the jicama. But, again, not what I would call super flavourful.

The Lows:

- The shrimp dish had zero taste. The Croquettes were brutal. How can a fried potato ball have no appeal?

- The molten, no chocolate flavour...really inedible. Dark brown styrofoam.

Service was, overall, good...felt a bit rushed to hurry up and leave, but they had a full house.

So, in sum, I was very excited about going, am glad that I went, and have no burning desire to return.


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  1. I'm surprised that you found the cod had no flavour. When I've had it, I would describe the opposite - incredibly flavourful.

    1. I've loved and hated the cod there before- hated it when it was undercooked -*gulp*, but never thought it lacked flavor. I've had spotty experiences at Lee, so I suspect there may be inconsistencies depending on who's in the kitchen.

      1. I love the cod at both Lee and Rain, but if i had to choose a winner - it would be Lee's. Perhaps it was an off night for the fish in question?

        1. I've head the cod four times at Rain...every time was perfect. Perfectly, cooked, perfectly seasoned, beautifully presented...really outstanding. The cod at Lee on Saturday was really no better than I could have done at home..very bland, unfortunately.

          1. I hope you had just missed the duck crepe and it's still on the menu because it's still one of the most interesting and delicious duck dishes I've ever tasted.. But I tend to agree - as an experience it's interesting but simply not a restaurant I would pick habitually...