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Feb 19, 2007 09:21 AM

Green Bell Peppers vs. Red

Is it true (or is this a myth) that if one is "bothered" errr....intestinally by eating green bell peppers (as in stuffed peppers) substituting red or yellow bell peppers will stop all unpleasant/antisocial symptoms? A coworker told me this today, and I thought I'd ask the experts....sounds unlikely but hey, anything's possible.

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  1. Well the red peppers and yellow peppers are different as they are the ripe form of peppers while the green is immature, I imagine it would be similar to eating green apples vs ripe apples, one might be more likely to make you sick.

    1. It is easier to digest any of the above if the skin is peeled or blistered off.

      1. No general rule - everyone's different.

        I find the red ones give me wicked heartburn and acid reflux. Yellow, orange, and green are ok with me though.

        1. I have never had any reaction to peppers, green or red. I really don't like the taste of green pepper, and the red ones are so sweet and delicious. I just substitute red, yellow, or orange peppers for green in a recipe.

          1. For most people it's the skin that causes the digestive issues, and the skin on ripe peppers is is still mostly cellulose...