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Feb 19, 2007 09:19 AM

Group dinner in Bellevue near Hyatt?

We’re going to be in Bellevue for a conference later this week and would like to gather our group for a Friday night dinner. We’re staying at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue and I don’t think everyone has a rental car, so something within walking distance would be preferable (unless there’s good public transportation?). Our group will be including students, so we’re not looking for high-end, must-eat places. I expect we’ll have at least a dozen people, too.

It’s not totally up to me, so there’s a chance we could end up at some random burger joint due to lack of accessible choices. But, I figure if I was armed with some decent recommendations, I’d have a chance for a nice meal. I don’t think cuisine type is a limiting factor, mostly just group size and meal cost ranges.

I’ve never been to Seattle/Bellevue before, so I have no idea what’s around our hotel. Any help??

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  1. I was in Bellevue in Januray and alao stayed at the Hyatt- if you are in there Regency room floor make sure you go for the comp. appie hour! There are a lot of chain restaurants around Bellevue Suqaure- The Cheesecake factory, an upscale Mexican grill type place. We had dinner at Manzana Grill just down the street and it was really good- I'd reccomend it for a group as there are lots of choices, big booths and half price happy hour. you can check the menu out online. Of course, Cheesecake Factory has the most ridiculous amount of choice but then you can eat that sort of stuff anywhere. Hop[e this helps!

    1. I don't eat in downtown Bellevue too often, but I recall that the Taphouse Grill (in Bellevue Galleria, a couple of blocks from the Hyatt) was pretty good, and were able to handle a pretty decent size walk-in group too.

      1. Personally, I'd like to avoid the big chain restaurants, since we can always go to them wherever we are. I know some areas have regional chains that a pretty good, and those I don't mind checking out, as long as they aren't some reincarnation of Chili's with a different name or something.

        Manzana Grill looks like it has a pretty varied menu. And I like the Taphouse Grill happy hour menu! I'll keep an eye out for both of these when we get to our hotel to check them out.


        1. Walking distance from the Hyatt is a decent Indian restaurant -- Moghul Palace, relatively inexpensive.

          1. I like Tap House and definitely prefer it over Manzana. There's also a newer Japanese place called Yama, upstairs from Tap House. We've enjoyed their happy hour and some terrific entrees (sushi and cooked fusion) there recently.

            Pagliacci is at Bel Square also, and would be fun and casual for a group that includes students. It's a local pizza chain.