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Feb 19, 2007 08:40 AM

Early dinner before Opera

Is there anywhere decent and quick around the Four Seasons Centre where we can dine at 6 to make the opera at 7:30? Will not be starving or looking for elaborate service, etc. At this point I'm thinking a burger at The Rex, but my wife would likely prefer something a little more refined...

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  1. Queen Mother should do it - the thai dishes are great.

    1. There are a few good Indian spots across from the Queen Mother if you like - but I don't know about the time factor. If you need something quick, then Sushi Time is just down the street as well (south side across from the HMV). Maybe not the best sushi in the city, but personally, I find it reliable and fast.

      1. Perhaps da nu la at Richmond and Bay?

        Or (and I know I've pushed this one before), Amadeus at Richmond and York is really quite good.

        Monsoon, on Simcoe a little south of Richmond, might be more wife-worthy too (and you don't have to do full dinner - can always sit at the sexy bar and share a few apps).

        I always find pre-opera/theatre dining rough because I'm not really hungry before the event, but tend to become ravenous and distracted during. A luxurious problem.

        PS - nothing wrong with the Rex... it's one of my locals!

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          I agree that Amadeus is a good choice (especially if you like heartier fare). I was there last week for a private function and was very impressed with the food. If you are going to be in a bit of a hurry, I suggest going to the more casual side of the restaurant.

        2. Japanese? Ematei is very close.

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          1. re: mickeyj

            I agree. It should be one of the closest restaurant to the Opera House. The food is awesome too.

          2. Many thanks.

            As it happened we ended up at The Rex after all for a quick 1 hour turn around burger and beer dinner. It was great, actually.