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Feb 19, 2007 08:32 AM

Unimpressed by NeBo

Checked out Nebo this past weekend.

First of all, it was around 8:45 when the 2 of us arrived. We asked to be put back in the dining room where it wasn't so bright. There were plenty of tables open but the owner said there was no way she could sit us back there b/c she had a ton of reservations coming in, which was a total lie!
Not one more party came in after she forced us to sit at a tiny bright table.

The service was good...nice waiter.
We ordered the rib was way overcooked-tough and chewy.
The bruschetta had to be the worst I ever had.
It was flavorless tomatoes on BURNED toast!

We also ordered the margherita pizza...small for 15 bucks, but it tasted pretty good.

Overall would never go back!

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  1. NeBo having a ton of reservations? What a joke! It's in a terrible location - very little foot traffic - and they are pulling that b.s.? They won't last long.

    1. They've already lasted way longer than I expected.

      1. It's too bad, because it's a nice looking space. I remember the bruschettas and pizzas being decent when it opened, but a recent after-work visit revealed utterly clueless bartending, which I can't abide at a place that styles itself a fancy cocktail bar.

        It must be tough to retain good staff at a place that's as empty as this one usually is. The "tons of reservations coming" lie is always pathetic: most four-year-olds learn not to tell tales that will be exposed as such inside of thirty minutes.

        Maybe the name has doomed them: I only recently learned it's for "North End Boston", as odious a coinage as E-Bo or SoWa.

        1. I thought it stood for "No Edible Bruchetta Offered."

          That said, I've had their (fairly new) sandwich offerings for lunch, and they're okay. Nowhere near the quality of the nearby Fresh Cheese Shop, but pretty good.

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          1. re: Bostonbob3

            Tee hee. The one time I had it, it was fine flavorwise, just inelegant--huge slabs of everything, the Italian equivalent of monster nigiri.