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Feb 19, 2007 08:21 AM

Best Upper Eastside Takeout????

Best Upper Eastside Takeout???? Any ideas, esp. anything Asian.

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  1. I don't live on the UES, but I'm familiar with the Wu Liang Ye in midtown, and their location on 86th St., b/t 2nd & 3rd Avs., is reputed to have the same high quality Szechuan cuisine.

    1. i love asian are my picks:
      THAI: jasmine's on 84th and 2nd is the best thai food in the area
      JAPANESE: tokubei has some great dishes and their chirashi is the best value i've found (moderate price, but high quality fish). only downside is they have a fairly ltd menu.
      CHINESE: Our Place or Wu Liang Ye is good
      INDIAN: Tamarind on 94th and 3rd has a great "take-out" special
      * Evergreen Cafe is not great for take-out but has IMHO the BEST dim sum on the weekend. really hot/fresh/tasty/great service/roomy/nice decor...but it is more expensive than chinatown

      1. These are our regulars

        Thai: Sala Thai
        Sushi: Poke (takeout, but no delivery)
        Indian: Mumtaz
        American: Willy's
        Chinese: Wu Liang Ye, Pig Heaven
        Diner: Gracie Mews
        Italian: Grotta del Mare, Sotto Cinque
        Mexican: Taco Taco, Sabor a Mexico

          1. For Vietnamese, you can try Vermicelli. The lunch specials come with a soup, salad, and an imperial roll.

            My coworkers and I tried Wu Liang Ye once (a customer suggested it) and we didn't like it. The food was pretty bland. It seems though that most people like it.