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Feb 19, 2007 08:07 AM

Vacation Ideas

My husband and I have been together for about six years now, and are finally in a position to take a Honeymoon...(capital H intended). We've been investigating all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, but I'm a little afraid of a week of hotel food. Anybody have a Chowhound-worthy vacation idea? Something high on the relaxing and eating and low on the chicken fingers with boxed strawberry daiquiri mix?

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  1. Paris!
    Free yourself of the pressure to see all the sights and just enjoy the food.

    1. Why not a free, book your own way stay in the Dominican Republic? Beaches, food, not all that touristy, capital H... Other places you might think about: Rome, Oaxaca, Puebla, Trinidad, Aruba, Mauritius, Reunion, Hue...

      1. long ago i went to a few of those resorts. the food and beverage options are pretty bad, but the activities are great -- waterskiing, paragliding, snorkeling etc. if you want to explore local foods (sounds like you want beachy) i'd pass on the all-inclusive places. and my experience at the carribean resorts was TERRIBLE service.

        to sam's answer, i'd add book your own to canary islands or seville. (you can take a quick side trip to morrocco from there too!)

        1. We went to Vieques,a small unspoiled island a few miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and found the place to be charming and food quite good. It was a military bombing area for the US until about 5 years ago so still not overrun with tourists- but you will see wild horses running around. Quite a few nice restaurants. Stayed at the Inn on the Blue Horizon- a beautiful old hotel with excellent restaurant- just heard on tv today that it is still $150 per night. There is a bay there where you swim or kayak at night and the water is bioluminscent.
          A number of years ago ( about 15) we stayed in the Samana Peninsula on the Dominican Republic at a little hotel called the Tropic Banana- at the time $30 per night. with excellent restaurant, miles of empty beaches and quite a few choices of other restaurants. Was owned by a couple from PAris. Very very basic accomodations but good food.
          For another fun inexpensive place with great food look at Maho Bay in St. John. Maho Bay has all kinds of accomodations from tents to ecocabins in a beautiful wildlife preserve with excellent beaches. St. John is a real foodie paradise.
          Wherever you go have fun- these ideas are really offbeat.
          PS If you want to go the all inclusive route we once stayed at Swept Away in Jamaica and the food was quite good- our son went there on his honeymoon and also enjoyed.

          1. I think the best honeymoon-quality Caribbean destinations where you don't need a machete and that have the best range of good restaurants are St. Martin/een, Turks & Caicos (Provo), and Playa del Carmen.