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Feb 19, 2007 08:07 AM

La Shish

Headed from Detroit Airport to Flint. I would like to eat a La Shish. Are they open in the afternoon and which location would be my best bet? Thanks.

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  1. Shoot right on over to U.S. 23 in Ann Arbor and go one exit north to Washtenaw. Take the eastbound (first) exit, and turn right at the end of the ramp. Immediately at the first corner you will come to Charlie's La Shish. Excellent food, open afternoons, right by the freeway, and now unconnected with the other La Shish restaurants, which have run into controversy.

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      There was a good article in the Detroit News about how this franchise (Charlie's La Shish) and one in West Bloomfield have distanced themselves from the La Shish chain and its owner Talal Chahine. My family ate at the West Bloomfield La Shish on New Years Eve, before it changed its name to Mezza. It was nearly empty, presumably due to the perceived association with Chahine. I hope their business has picked up--the food was excellent.

    2. Never eaten at any other La Shish. This one is excellent. Great lamb dishes, especially the lamb chops.

      1. never had a bad meal at any of the three la shish's that i have been to (west dearborn/talal's), east dearborn, troy. i absolutely love their fatoush - the sumac dressing puts it over the top. and i almost always get a cup of crushed lentil soup and a mango smoothie.

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          Wow, crazy story. I feel for the franchisees if their business is off that much. I will try the one in Ann Arbor, then head up to Flint.

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          1. We went to Charley's La Shish in Ann Arbor. It was packed but we got a table right away. The carrot/apple juice was very good, the hummus was great, salad was really good. I didn't care for the fried kibbee and we got a stir fry that had lamb, rice, mushrooms, carrots, garlic sauce, etc which was pretty good, but I wouldn't go back for it.
            Service was very good, I just wish I would have ordered a different entree and no fried kibbee.