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Feb 19, 2007 07:58 AM

Dim Sum in Fairfield County

Any good dim sum in Fairfield County or must I go into the city?

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  1. closest I know of for good dim sum is aberdeen in White Plains. So, no, not in Fairfield County, but not as far as the City.

    There was a recent discussion of a place in Greenwich (Hunan Cafe, I think?) that served dim sum, but I believe the verdict was it wasn't very good.

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      Aberdeen is probably the best around here, I like them better than Central Seafood for dim sum. They also have bubble tea. Not as good as the Jumbo in Aberdeen, HK.

      BTW on the weekends after 11:30/12pm across the street from Aberdeen is the Kam Sen (Golden Mountain) grocery store. They sell fresh dim sum CHEAP! Had it a few times and it's pretty good but not fancy. They also have a bakery/sushi take-out.

      You can also get Bubble tea is at the Golden Village in Scarsdale (past Central Seafood). Their fresh food just sitting on racks unrefridgerated so I tend to stay away from that but they have a new sweets shop and a larger selection of gifts (plates, statues, etc).

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      1. Wish I had good news as I have yet to find anything here but there are a few good places in Westchester - Aberdeen in White Plains and a great place in Harstdale on Central Avenue called Central Seafood (I think) - it is in the same shopping plaza as Best Buy.

        1. In Norwalk in the same strip mall as Wal-Mart, there is a fancy-schmancy gilded Asian place that serves it all-- Chinese, hibachi and dim sum. It's okay.

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            Dim Sum Diva - thanks for the tip. Which Wal-Mart? The one on connecticut ave, or the one near the DMV? (maybe the one near the DMV is technically Wilton, not sure).

            For dim sum there, do you know if they serve it all day, or just lunch? And is it the cart style or menu style?

            Thanks again!

          2. It's the Wal-Mart that is closer to the Merritt (Exit 40?) & Rte. 7, does that help? I think there is a drive thru Starbucks across the street.

            If I recall, I think it's menu style. I am sorry I don't remember more, it's been a year or more since I've been there.

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            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              That's the one north of the DMV.

              Northbound on the Merritt take Route 7 Noth to the "T". Make a right. Second light (DMV right in front of you make a left and the Wl-mart strip mall about 1/4 mile on the right.

              Southbound there is not a Route 7 North exit so Take the Main Street North Exit (sign also says to DMV) take this exit real slow as i have seen many not quite make the turn. Go down to the light and make a right onto main street. About 1 mile up on the right is the wal-mart strip mall.

              If you do not want Dim Sum, continue to the next light on main street and there is Leitizia's pizza. One of the best pizzas in CT.