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Feb 19, 2007 07:31 AM

Suspicious All-Clad Fry Pan

I have a couple of pieces of All-Clad cookware and have generally been pleased with their performance (no, I don't have a problem with the handles!!).

Recently, I bought an 8" All-Clad fry pan and had problems from the get-go. Food tended to stick, even though I used some olive oil and brought the temperature up slowly before starting to cook. I also had a problem getting the pan clean, despite the fact that I used only warm water and a recommended cleaner. Although I've used the pan only three or four times, it looks like I've had it for years. My other All-Clad items are in excellent shape.

Now the interesting part.....shortly after purchasing my pan, I noticed the same pan in Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.95. I had paid $50 for mine at Williams Sonoma. I was told by a BB&B person that the pan MIGHT have been a "second" that was put on sale. She didn't seem to know why the pan in question might have been a second. There was no noticeable defect.

If inferior quality All-Clad stuff is out there at lower prices, what are the chances that I got a defective pan at the regular, high price? Anyone else have a similar experience?

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  1. no idea, but i think most all-clad stuff has a good warranty. contact them and see if they will give you a new one, maybe it will be nicer.

    1. I was told by a gentleman that owns a local cooking store that since the aquisition by Group Seb, All-Clad is now being made in Mexico to cut costs. If that is true - it looks like we need to find exactly which All-Clad is which. Very unfortunate news...

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        If All-Clad has started manufacturing in Mexico - and I'm not sure they have - this must be a very recent development. My pan came in a box stating that the pan was made in the USA. And All-Clad's website states that all their cookware is made here.

        The more I look into this, the more I think I just got a lemon or, as I previously mentioned, a second.

        1. re: ambrose

          I picked up a small All Clad saucepan at Williams Sonoma in Toronto a couple of years ago. It was a promotional deal and (though I can't remember the exact price) very reasonable. The pan itself has been fine. But it was marked very clearly "made in China".

          1. re: ambrose

            All-Clad is not manufacturing in Mexico. Fully clad All-Clad pieces are manufactured in Cannonsburg, PA. Non-clad items, including disc bottom stockpots, and electrics are made in China.

            I know that the 7-1/2 pan is made in China, also. The 8" pans and larger are fully clad and made in the US.

            1. re: ambrose

              I have bought many All-Clad seconds through their outlet, Cookware and More, and found no real difference between them and their non-second pieces that I have. The stamp an "S" on the bottom of the handle so seconds are clearly marked as such. I don't have any other suggestions for you other than to take it back to Williams-Sonoma and get your money back.

              1. re: Leepa

                Almost all my 17 year old All Clad were seconds from Cookware and More. Still cooks perfectly and lovely to behold.

                The one and only pot that cracked was replaced promptly and without question.

                I couldn't recommend them more.

            2. re: digitalchef

              All Clad is manufactured in Canonsburg, PA. I was once tole that at holiday time and sometimes through the year they have "specials" usually for $99.95 ie: 3 qt saute pan and sometimes the 3.5 qt saucepan. The specials are made in China for the promotion. They are lighter than weight and could be the reason your having trouble with sticking. Contact All Clad. I think it's 1-800-all-clad.

              1. re: kit5k2

                Not true. These special cookwares are cheaper because of the unpopular sizes and available only through certain stores: Macy's, Bloomingdale's, but they are definitely not made in China. I got a set of 2 3-ply stainless steel skillets (9", 11") with lids for $169 in Sur La Tablet and they're made in USA even with the lids. I got another 12" fry pan with lid from Bloomingdale's for $99 and it clearly said that only the lid was made in China.
                Bottom line, all full clad cookwares are still made in the States regardless "special" or not, only lids are made in China sometimes and it's usually $20 cheaper than those are made in USA.

            3. Williams Sonoma has EXCELLENT customer service...just return it!
              head over to BB&B and get the bargain one and see how it works for you!

              1. As I've recommended in other threads, why not give Cuisinox cookware (Elite line) a try? It's an All-Clad look-alike that perfoms better than my old (non-Mexican made) All-Clad. Nothing sticks, and it's a breeze to clean.


                1. All clad made their name in stainless in and out over aluminum core, I have a set and they are very durable. I have to ask if it is non stick, none of mine are and of course stainless is one of the stickiest cooking surfaces, I would imagine you would have to use a lot of oil to cook eggs in a stainless interior skillet. I have calphalon non stick for my skillets and they are all very good, even the Target ones. Also I find a 7 or 8" skillet too small for just about anything.