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Feb 19, 2007 06:58 AM

Walking around Newmarket

Hey everyone,

I need recs for good food in Newmarket within walking distance of the Best Western (Yonge & Davis),

I know its a tough request but I hope that some of you hounds are up for the challenge.



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  1. Hhhhm. That's a tough one because Newmarket is pretty spread out and suburban (not all that pedestrian-friendly). My parents live there, so I'll try to remember what's around there now. There are tonnes of chain restaurants on Yonge St within walking distance. I know they're not great, but at least you know what you're getting. In your hotel is a restaurant called The Buttery. My parents go there for dinner often because it's reasonable and decent food. The caesar salad is extremely garlicy, so try it if you like garlic. I also really enjoy the rack of lamb there.

    South on Yonge St is Golden Bell Thai (in the Quaker Plaza on the same side as the hotel). It's very small but a lot of people like it. There's also some good pho (apparently) somewhere on Yonge but I can't remember what it's called. Try searching the board for pho and Newmarket.

    On the west side of Yonge and south of the hotel is a place called New Orleans. They have cajun food and jazz. I've never been there and I've heard mixed reviews. Some people really like it and others think it's too expensive for the quality of food.

    Oh, I think I remember my parents saying that there's an Indian food place at Yonge and Davis on the south-east corner. Good food, but slow service, I believe.

    Nothing else on Davis that I can think of.

    North on Yonge it's all chains, I think.

    For sushi, try Sushi Itto at Yonge and Mulock. There's another thai restaurant there, too. I think you'd want to take a cab, though.

    That's all I can think of right now, but if something else occurs to me, I'll post again.

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      The pho place in the Quaker Hill Plaza is called Pho Saigon and it's excellent.

      1. re: Wiley

        I concur. I took my wife there for the first time a few months back and now she's hooked.

        It's just a bit far to walk from the OP's hotel in my mind. Unless they're up for it.


    2. HarryLloyd If you walk out of your hotel heading South (left) continue until you cross the lights at Yonge and Davis Dr. Then head East( another left) about 1.5 blocks down you will see a large Value Village Store, that is the Untied Nations of Food plaza. I think it is called the Newmarket Plaza, in the plaza there is a Thai, Indian ( as christinea mentioned), Chinese, Italian and a Fish and Chip place. I would suggest the F&C, one of the best to be had, a single order of Haddock and Chips is $ 7.00. The Italian place makes wonderful gelatto. Also there is a Moxie's located 2 blocks south of Davis on the West Side of Yonge beside the Chapters Pier One complex.
      Enjoy your trip to Newmarket.

      1. Harry.

        My wife and I ate at Moxie's last week and very much enjoyed it. The place is a nice trendy place and the waitresses are rather nice. If that kinda thing matters to you.

        The Quaker Hill plaza is a little far to walk. At least a couple miles I'd say.


        1. The Indian place is called India Gate and it is fantastic! The service is not really fast but if you let them know at the start that you want to move quickly, they oblige. It's family run and the food is awesome. Definitely in love with their Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tikka Masala.

          1. I work within walking distance of the hotel you are staying at. In my view, your best bet would be to walk east on Davis Drive about half way down the hill to Main Street to a little strip plaza with Solo Sushi-Ya. A very fine sushi place (with prices to match the quality). Piccolo Italia in the Newmarket Plaza referred to in another post is much closer and is a very decent place for basic Italian Food. Moxies and Cafe New Orleans are nice too and are also closer than Solo Sushi-Ya. If you want to take a cab, go to Cachet, a relatively new restaurant at Main and Water Streets, right on Fairy Lake. Will be nicer in the summer with their outdoor deck but definitely a decent place.