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Feb 19, 2007 06:53 AM

Let us now praise under-appreciated restaurants ...

… you know, the ones that are unaccountably empty, while lesser eateries flourish. Where you can barely enjoy your (solitary) meal because you’re so worried for them. One of mine is the Cajun-Bajan Café, a great little restaurant near Eglinton and Warden. Okay, maybe it’s asking for heartbreak to open a restaurant in a neighbourhood of autobody shops, but C-B is so good that it ought to be successful anyway.

On Sunday, Pomegranate in the Beach was also unaccountably empty, while a few blocks away they were lining up for the vile Beacher Cafe. It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair …

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  1. always looking for such gems - could you provide more details ie. what kind of food do they serve, what if any are their specialties?

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    1. re: berbere

      Cajun-Bajan serves cajun-caribbean fusion. The specials are always good, the frites are sensational and there is usually some kind of irresistible cake on the counter. My s/o invariably has the quesadillas and sees no reason to change; Scarberians rave about their wings. Whatever seafood is on the board is always great.

      17-133 Manville Rd.
      Scarborough, ON
      (647) 436-4641

      I'm only familiar with Pomegranate's brunch menu, which features a variety of eggs benny. These are perfect, imo, and served with home-fries, chickpeas and fruit. My favourites are the smoked salmon and the roasted veg. Nice hollandaise. Also on the menu are a couple of standard breakfast specials and a variety of frittatas.

      2222 Queen St. E.

      There's a dinner review at

      1. re: voracious

        omigod, they're on Manville?! what a strange place to open a restaurant. I know someone in the neighbourhood though, and will pass the word.

        1. re: orangewasabi

          I know, isn't that bizarre? It's not far from a glass bead place that's really popular. If you're into glass beads, I mean.

          1. re: voracious

            tee hee, I AM into beads, and BeadFX is exactly the reason I know Manville. I know the owner and a lot of the people that work there -- have you told them about Cajan-Bajan? they're always complaining there is no good food out there.

            1. re: orangewasabi

              I think they already know about it - one of the women there told me she orders lunches/dinners to go and picks them up after work. So that's also a possibility.

    2. < Where you can barely enjoy your (solitary) meal because you’re so worried for them >

      thank GOD I am not the only one that feels this way -- I can't bear to be in a restaurant that is good and has that empty feeling, I feel so bad for the owners.

      Yummy BBQ on Yonge, just south of Wellesley is one of these. Solid Korean food, but unaccountable so much emptier now that they moved from their original location north of Wellesley.

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        Yummy BBQ is one of my favorite places too. Cheap good food, decent sized servings. I'm surprised thay aren't busier.

      2. I love Pomegranate. I'll have to go back soon.

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