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where do you go in ahwatukee for mexican?

any thoughts? the only place near me that i've really found i like is a hole in the wall place at elliott and 48th called los taquitos.

unrelated but nearby... has anyone tried that niro's gyro's right there? i've always wondered about it...

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  1. I've tried Niro's, it's pretty good. Large portions. They do use greek yogurt in the tzatziki so it's nice and rich, but I ask for it on the side because they can be heavy-handed. Salads are great and the gyros are garlicky.

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      thanks for the info! i've been driving by it almost every day for 3 years and never dared to try it...

    2. i guess no one eats mexican in ahwatukee?

      1. My husband like Niro's for lunch. I haven't been myself but he says it's pretty good and has in fact commented on the tzatziki.

        For Mexican...nope, we don't go to Ahwatukee. LOL Our most usual pit stops are Guedo's, Espo's and Si Senor over in Chandler. Because it's down the street from our house we'll often pop into Los Favoritos for cheap and fast tacos. Nothing fancy at all however. They also make a mean breakfast burrito.

        1. I think the reason there's no demand for Mexican in Ahwatukee is that Guadalupe is just up the road. I'm just sayin'.

          I'll second Guedo's and Espo's on the Chandler side of I-10, though.

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            have you ever tried anyplace in guad?

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              I'm late on this, but I expect you still like Mexican food. About two years ago, I got good food at a place in Guadalupe at the town center (or whatever it's called). I can't remember the restaurant's name. If you go through the main (south) entrance to the courtyard, turn left and you'll see it. It's near the coffee place. (Sorry this is so cryptic.)

          2. niro's has great chicago style fast food: hot dogs, gyros, and italian beef.

            1. Add my vote for Niro's! Great carryout dinner after a long day, and large portion. In a pinch, will go to Arriba's at 48th & Chandler for Mexican. If you're up for a "road trip" also LOVE Rosita's 23rd St and McDowell.......

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                Guadalupe. San Diego Bay. The bakery. the Farmers' Market....Guadalupe restaurants and food sources make the other Ahwatukee options pale in comparison...

              2. The Original Burrito & Co. on Elliot Road by Discount Beverage Outlet (near Gold's Gym) isn't bad. The beef is too salty, but anything with pork is delicious, and I've heard all good things about the breakfast burritos. Strangely, they won't serve beans AND rice with meals, though -- you get either or, and have to pay extra if you want to add the other. I, too, like Los Taquitos for -- natch -- the tacos. The soft corn tortillas and marinated meats are excellent. But we sure could use some more good Mexican joints. I have heard the new San Cabo at Chandler Blvd. and Desert Foothills Parkway is not so hot, but it's also really new. Someone said there's another Mexican place going in near there as well. Let's keep an eye on it.

                1. I'm surprised there haven't been more posts regarding Los Taquitos in the Ahwatukee shopping center. I've lived in Mexico and variously places in the U.S. and am a true food-aholic always trying different restaurants. For Mexican food this place is one of my absolute favorites. It's small and not fancy at all, but the food is great. I've been going there for years recommend it to anyone. The only problem I used to have was that being an AZ Wildcat alumnist I didn't like seeing Jake Plummer in there on several occassions and then watching my boy stare with admiration. Oh the pain! :)

                  1. My favorite is Taco Nazo at Priest and Southern (next to REI). It's not your greasy tex-mex/sonoran type place. When I want the more traditional type, I'll go over to Someburros, at Mill and Baseline or the Chandler Fashion Square mall.