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Feb 19, 2007 06:46 AM

Best Pizza in Raleigh

I have been searching for the past two years with limited success. I am partial to Bella Monica, Milton's, Vic's (downtown) and the occasional trip to Silvia's on Hillsbourgh St. I am open asking for suggestions, favorite orders, and places to avoid.

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  1. We usually hit Lily's in Five Points when in Raleigh. Funky atmosphere, outdoor seating for warm days, and really good food.

    1. My personal favorite is Picolla Italia in Cameron Village. I've been going there for 20+ years and still love it. It's not a fancy place (and conversely it's not the cheapest pizza in town either) but I love it! I am also a fan of Bella Monica and Vic's in City Market.

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        I went to Picolla Italia last weekend for the first time, and I was very dissapointed. We ordered the garlic knots and one of the "speciality pizzas". The knots were average but the tomato sauce for dipping tasted like a cheap canned brand. We order a Margarita pizza expecting what is typically served at other restaurants -- Fresh Moz, sliced tomato and fresh basil. What we got was a cheese pizza with some basil that was far from fresh. One person in our party order a single slice of cheese pizza and her pizza was identical to ours minus the basil! If I would have know this we would have order a cheese pizza and saved 5 bucks! Sorry to sound so critical, but the pizza was no better than what you expect to find at a takeout chain.

        1. re: Raleigh Guy

          I'm very sorry to hear that and I won't make an excuse for them. Still, I've had very few bad experiences there in my 20 years of eating there, so if you feel up to it give them another chance. Also, the pizza is really the only thing I find remarkable there - the other menu items are solid, but certainly not great.

      2. I will give them another try, it could have been a bad day.

        1. I like Lily's for creative or non-traditional pizzas. For traditional NY-style I'm a big fan of Pizza Italia on Westgate Rd. I know some people have had less than perfect pies there and, to be honest, so have I. There's something about pizza that seems to defy 100% consistency. However they are on most of the time and the place has the vibe of a NY neighborhood place. They will do a Sicilian on request although I still prefer the round pies. And if you like that kind of thing, their meatballs are awesome.

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            I have only tried Lily's once, and that was for lunch (by the slice). I will try it again for dinner. Any others that you recommend?

          2. take a drive to Chapel Hill. you can't go wrong with Peppers Pizza on Franklin Street.

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              I have tried Pepper's many times, and agree that it is good. Any other pizza places you recommend in the triangle that are worth the drive?

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                pepper's? no way? greasy, bland slices. for the best pizza in the triangle, you need to go to Alfredo's