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Feb 19, 2007 05:45 AM

BYOB in Dallas

Anyone have any recomendations for great BYOB restaurants in Dallas? Can be ethnic or otherwise.

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  1. You just need to look at one of the dry areas of the city or suburbs. There are several great Chinese and Thai places in Plano that are dry for instance, among them Jasmine which has been talked about here in detail. I believe Arc En Ciel in Garland is dry and a great Chinese/Vietnamese menu.

    1. This list might be helpful:

      I noticed it left out Amici's Italian which is also great little place to try. A bit expensive, but the BYOB helps.

      1. Caravelle (Chinese) in Richardson
        Momo's (Italian) Dallas-Forest Lane
        Amici's (Italian) Carrollton-Highly recommended
        Fadi's (Mediterranean-casual) Dallas-75 and Knox? (last time I checked they were BYOB)

        1. How about Cafe Italia on Northwest Highway in Grapevine? Good Italian food at great prices.

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            I've done it several times and always been happy.