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Feb 19, 2007 04:52 AM

Hungarian/Colombian Restaurants

Does anyone know any Hungarian/Colombian restaurants in the DC/Northern Virginia area? We just moved here and my Sisters Mom is visiting from Hungary and is very home sick, and I am dying for an authentic Colombian empanada! Thanks so much!

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  1. Montserrat is a market/cafe on N. Glebe Rd. in Arlington for Colombian. I've only been there once, don't know if they make empanadas. Also Brasa Roja in Fairfax. Can't say I was crazy about the food at either, but that was just one visit each.

    1. The Hungarian Embassy in Washington is very active and supportive of its expat community and its nationals visiting in the US. They have a website that you can check with a message board where you might be able to find restaurants that serve Hungarian specialties.
      There aren't any Hungarian restaurants in the DC metro area that I'm aware of which is a shame because it is a wonderful cuisine. In the meanwhile, if you can ask your sister's mom to cook for you, you'll have a real treat. Buy her anything she needs to prepare Hungarian food. It's great.

      1. My grandmother was Hungarian......I do miss that cuisine alot. If anyone does know of a place that has it....I'd love to know too!

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          A couple of places in town have Goulaschuppe and Ungarisches Goulash. Cafe Berlin and Old Europe which are mostly German. They don't have a lot of Hungarian dishes but it's something. The styles of cooking have a lot of cross-over.
          Check the Hungarian Embassy website. There's a Hungarian-American Society that has events. Perhaps they'll have something food oriented.

        2. Cafe Tirolo in Arlington has a couple of Austrian dishes.

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            Good suggestion! Actually, you'd think because of the name (The Tirol is a province of Austria, as in the Tirolian Alps) that they'd have more that just a couple of Austrian dishes.