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Day Trip Eating?

russell66 Feb 19, 2007 12:28 AM

Hi - Just appealing for some ideas - Im suprising my girlfriend with a day trip to Paris in a month or so, and was just wondeirng where people would reccomend for lunch considering neither of us have ever been to Paris before. She is a vegetarian but I would imagine most restaurants will cater for that. Money is not really a problem, but obviously time is so it'll need to be located near a major landmark as we wont have time to go of the beaten track.

Any ideas welcomed!


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    42duffy RE: russell66 Feb 19, 2007 05:04 PM

    except for Friday night and Saturdays, a must is L'as du Falafel 34 Rue des Rossiers in the Marais is wonderful and a fun neighborhood. also check out:


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      VivreManger RE: russell66 Feb 19, 2007 05:32 PM

      Veggie restos are not in abundance in Paris. Here is a discussion which should be a useful start.


      A more recent list includes:

      1. PhilD RE: russell66 Feb 21, 2007 10:47 PM

        Maceo (15 rue des Petits-Champs in the 1st) has a seperate veggie menu, which is quite innovative - I think it is on their web site.
        It is a mid-priced restaurant. The room is very light with high ceilings. It is just behind the Palais Royal Gardens, so you can walk up from the Louvre through the gardens to lunch.
        I am not vegetarian but my observation is that the options for a good selection of food are pretty poor unless you go a bit up-market.

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          faijay RE: russell66 Feb 22, 2007 02:44 AM

          If money is no object try L'Arpege in the 7th. It is three star and Passard is famous for vegetarian dishes.

          1. jen kalb RE: russell66 Feb 22, 2007 12:45 PM

            Le Z Kitchen Gallerie serves great, creative vegetarian stuff, with a bit of an Asian flair. IMy daughter loved her veg meal and I loved my non-veg meal (and her dishes) .Stylish but casual - very well priced. Near the Seine and Notre Dame, on the Left Bank very convenient.

            (hope I spelled the name right)

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