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Feb 18, 2007 10:47 PM

Tourist or Denizen?

I have recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to a small town in Scotland. The drastic change in the culinary landscape is, to say the least, the greatest of my culture shocks. I am managing with the small pleasures I find.

I decided to check out the Chowhound UK/Ireland board for any possible resources. Apart from learning that this might as well be called the 'London and other places' board, I have started to wonder about the make-up of the posters here. Is this primarily a tourist board i.e. (I am visiting... and where did you eat when you visited....) or are there residents who pop in for discussion in the same way that happened on the NYC and OB boards? I ask because from what I've seen so far, it is the former.

So, is this the case? Are there locals? And what does one do in the county of Fife anyway (apart from enjoying the glorious cycleways and the great outdoors)?

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  1. I'm a Yank who lived most of her adult life near NYC. I've been in the UK (near London) for almost 3 years since marrying a British person. I used to frequent the Outside Manhattan board but have changed my habits for obvious reasons. We travel quite a lot so I hop in and out of other places - quite handy here! Give yourself time to get adjusted to all the changes - it takes awhile. Brooklyn is a different world from Scotland but both have lots going for them - pluses and minuses. Take time to explore Glasgow and Edinburgh not to mention the rest of Scotland. Good luck and just wait for the beautiful weather. And come down to England and enjoy that, too.

    1. I am a Londoner, born and bred. I've lived elsewhere down south and have a good friend who likes her food and travels through Scotland for work but lives in Inverness so may be able to persuade her to share her knowledge. I tend to hang out here, the Italy board and home cooking...

      1. Many thanks for the response. If only I were so lucky as to live near London-- or even closer to Glasgow and Edinburgh. When I have time for a day trip, I'll certainly explore. As it stands, I'm still trying to carve out a bit of time to make it to the Anstruther chip shop.