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Feb 18, 2007 10:20 PM

Ten Tables

Going to Ten Tables tonight to celebrate my birthday, :) Has been on my "eat there!!" list for years. My first time tonight. What's not to be missed on the menu?

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  1. Dishes I enjoyed on a recent visit: rock shrimp cassoulet appetizer, sweet corn and scallop soup, pasta with braised veal, chanterelles, and edamame, coulotte steak with an awesome potato gratin. The vegetarian four-course tasting always looks amazing. Nice place for a birthday dinner! I often say it might be the best fine dining deal for the money in Boston. Reservations are essential: every time I go, I see streams of people who haven't bothered to make one getting turned away.

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      Thanks Slim. I can always count on you for a prompt reply. Made reservations 2 weeks ago. Can't wait 'til tonight!

    2. We went two weeks ago for my birthday dinner, it's an excellent choice. Two of us had the vegetarian tasting menu, it was fantastic. It really seems to be based upon the whim of the chef (although the salad course is often one of the salads on the menu, and the dessert is definitely one of the dessert choices). They wouldn't tell us what was coming until it arrived, but here's a helpful hint: if you have a strong preference, and make a coy suggestion, they'll bring you a dessert that you'll like from the menu. We had the chocolate fondant, and it was fabulous, as they add some sea salt on top, yum.

      The other two had the swordfish, served over farro and red beets. It was delicious. The soups are always great, too. Have fun!

      1. i have always loved their charcuterie plate appetizer. if you aren't a meat-lover before that, you will be aftewards. we were there recently and had a flourless chocolate cake w/earl grey ice cream dessert and a panna cotta. both were quite good, but the chocolate was probably a bit better; also, their rice pudding dessert may be the best i've ever had. i second the coulotte steak w/gratineed potatoes. they have, or used to have, a fish entree which was served with a roasted red pepper puree; i really, really liked the entire dish *except* for the red pepper puree, whcih i thought clashed with the fish. we also recently had a winter risotto which was creamy without being insipid, bursting with rich flavor (i think i detected roasted corn in the cooking liquid, but i'm not sure.)

        ten tables is one of my favorite places in boston. maybe my favorite. it almost makes up for the rest of chowishly-challenged jamaica plain. another good option is their $25 wed. 3 course deal. that's an incredible value; so much so that it made our recent $55 3 course meal there (for valentine's day) seem unreasonable in comparison.

        1. We don't eat out much. Love to cook and hang out at home w hubs. On anniversary's, birthdays and special events we go out to eat to a place we've never been before, generally in downtown Boston. I've been an avid reader of Chowhound for years and am well informed on the restaurant scene. Its often a difficult decision when selecting a restaurant. More often than not, high expectations lead to disappointment. I must say however, Ten Tables definately did NOT disappoint. From the minute we entered until the minute we drove we away we enjoyed our experience. Despite only one waiter covering the house service was nearly perfect. I enjoyed watching him work the room like a pro. We ordered the mesclun salad w blood orange and marcona almonds and the homemade sausage over chickpeas for appetizers. The sausage was smokey good and the salad was perfectly dressed w shaved parmesan and a light vinaigrette. I ordered the chicken w spicy rabe, raisins, pine nuts and capers. Never thought to combine caper w chicken but it works beautifully. Hubs had the fish stew which he enjoyed but I don't think as much as I enjoyed my dish. We filled up on bread and wine and had no room for dessert. The bill was only $75. Gourmet food, ample portions @ a more than decent price makes this tiny place a jewel.We may have to return a second time. :)