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Where can I find Devonshire Cream to buy?

Where can I get Devonshire Cream (the sweet kind served with scones) to buy?

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      1. Whole Foods; Vicente Foods (in the Cheese Dept.); The Continental Shop (SM)

        1. All of the above stores and Bristol Farms.

          1. and the tudor house on 2nd st. in santa monica and maybe the continental shop on wilshire.

            1. Market Gourmet on Abbot Kinney in Venice carries it... also have seen it at Gelson's and Bristol Farms as mentioned above...

              1. Cost Plus World Markets carries it!

                1. All of the above and the Friar Tuck Shop on Burbank and Woodman in the SFV.
                  The Continental Shop in Santa Monica (a good english shop, NOT attached to a twee pub or tea house.

                  1. Add to the list Sainsbury Market on Wilshire and Ye Olde King's Head Shop near 3rd Street Promenade.