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Feb 18, 2007 09:10 PM

New Top Ramen Contender!

The Little Tokyo Ramen Battle is about to heat up!

San Sui Tei, several doors down from Daikokuya on First Street, is giving Ye Olde Yellow Awning a serious run for its money.

A branch of a shop in Temple City has taken over the old Kobe Ramen (?) spot. Lovely Companion and I went in for a taste test today and were delighted by what we found. Run by Japanese, the tonkotsu is marvelous. "Can I have this in a coffee cup to go" I wondered to myself.

The menu has lots of ramen choices (miso, negi, etc), we opted for the "special" which came with 5 quivering pieces of roasted pork, so tender that teeth are optional. One also has a choice of kind of noodle (thick? or thin?). We opted for thin. Simply marvelous, chewy, tasty, yummy.

For kicks, we also elected for an order of octopus balls, Takoyaki, from the largish appetizer menu. They were crispy and light.

Dishes are cool, white modern. Service is friendly.

I encourage you to check it out! You won't be disappointed.


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  1. And takoyaki? If they're doing everything well, I think the Big S soon might be looking over their proverbial pork shoulder... I'm not in J-town very often anymore, but will give it a whirl if I am... SecretAsianMan - that's great - now I can't get that tune out of my head...

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      I definitely think its worth a trip..they're even open on Sundays.

    2. I wasn't to happy with my last visit to Daikokuya so I'm going to check this place out. Thanks!

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      1. re: Bon Vivant

        Hmmm. Nor was I, broth seemed a little less flavorful...

        Great blog!

        1. re: Bon Vivant

          our last visit to daikokuya was also a disappointment. the broth was still pretty good and intense, but the pork! the pork was dry and not nearly as fatty and tender as its been in the past. im so sad. well definitely have to check out san sui tei soon!

        2. kobe ramen was awful. the san sui tei in temple city is pretty decent, specializing in nagasaki-style champon. haven't tried the new branch yet but i see them open 'til 2am most nights, which is definitely a plus!

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          1. re: rameniac

            Yes, the Little Tokyo shop is much, much better than my memory of the Temple City shop.

            (its been a few years...)

          2. We went to Kyusha ramen, in Van Nuys today. We were very pleased, good noodles.

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              1. re: SecretAsianMan

                What should I get at Kyushu? I usually enjoy the shoyu and miso at Nippon Ramen in Reseda

                1. re: wizardx

                  ironically, i'd say the tonkotsu ramen at kyushu is a bit overrated. the soup is not bad, but the yellow egg noodles don't quite fit the broth. try it though if you're nowhere near hakata SSG...

                  1. re: rameniac

                    Agreed, Rameniac. While it has gotten better, Kyushu Ramen is just ok; noodles are not special. It's also never quite as hot as it should be. (To paraphrase Tampopo, "Ramen that's not hot is not ramen at all.")

                    Nippon Ramen served up a pretty good Shio-Butter ramen last time I was there.

              2. I've been obsessed with ramen ever since I got back from Japan in 03, so to hear there's another spot worth trying in downtown is music to my ears. I'm a bit surprised to hear Daiko's fallen off, but it's been a while since I've been there. Do they serve katamen (hard noodles) at San Sui Tei?