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Feb 18, 2007 08:53 PM

Capital Restaurant - New Year's Night

Mom decided to take a break from cooking this year .... we went to Capital tonight. Ordered the $48 meal and added the chicken wings, gai lan (chinese broccoli) and a Buddhist Casserole (New Year's dish). The house soup was one of the better house soups I've had in awhile - a nod to the New Year: pork bones, seaweed (faat choy), bean curd sticks and dried oysters. The $48 wo choy dinner has the House Soup, spare ribs, fried flounder, steamed chicken w/gravy, fried shrimp, squid with mustard greens and a casserole with tofu, mushrooms and baby bok choy. I think that I got it all. Oranges for dessert - looked a bit pale but were very sweet. Service was very good. No surprise that the chicken wings were a table favorite.... the Buddhist Casserole was OK but nothing like the version my Grandmother used to make ... but it was New Year's afterall. Overall, a good reliable place for Chinese comfort food. The kids kept on looking at the waffle irons on the counter waiting for breakfast customers....

Capital Restaurant - 839 Clay St. SF 94108 415. 397-6269

They will be closed for a few days starting tomorrow for New Year's......

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  1. Besides the chicken wings, another favorite of ours is the steamed pork patty. This is one dish that's not to be missed when you go to Capital. The dish is offered in four variations:

    1. pork with Chinese sausage and mushroom
    2. pork with salted fish
    3. pork with salted duck eggs
    4. pork with salted radish (chung choy)

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      thanks for mentioning that - we almost ordered the steamed pork patty with salted fish but ended up with some gai lon w/oyster sauce. Needed some more greens on our menu. often I'm afraid to try these home style dishes at restaurants because they are not up to the same dish made at home by Moms or Grandmothers.....

      1. re: BillSF

        Which one do you prefer? I would venture to guess the one with the duck eggs?

        1. re: margret

          We used to have steamed pork patty with salted fish when I was a kid so that's the one I would order if I was in the mood for comfort food. Not crazy for salted duck eggs - don't care for the texture of the yolk. And I love the way 1000 year old eggs look but I can only have them in small them in that dish with spinach and steamed eggs.

          1. re: margret

            We enjoy both the salted egg and the Chinese sausage versions. Instead of using ground pork, they chop the pork the old fashion way which gives it a better texture. Also, there is a generous amount of fat in the pork which gives the patty almost a silken texture. Apparently, the pork patty is a very popular dish at Capital. On certain days of the week, they offer it as a lunch special served with rice. We tried to order it several times after 1 pm and they were out.