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Feb 18, 2007 08:35 PM

Asian market coming to San Ramon

Anyone familiar with the idea of a new Asian market coming to San Ramon relatively soon to the site of the defunct Ralph's grocery store on Alcosta Blvd. at Village Parkway near the Dublin border?
Supposedly the new market will be heavy on fish (tanks I assume) and produce. I think the article said the owner has about 20(?) small shops in both Oakland and San Francisco Chinatowns, and is looking to open a big one in an underserved market area.
As I went to Martinez today to get fresh uncooked crab from the tank at Country Square Market to bring to Walnut Creek, this is a market that will be welcomed by me and probably the Asian community around San Ramon area as well as all lovers of Asian/Chinese foods like me. To our Chinese friends on-line.........Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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  1. Sounds like it could be Lien Hing, though if they have that many shops they must be under a bunch of different names. I only know of 3 Lien Hings in SF and one in Oakland.

    1. It's slated to be a new branch of 99 Ranch Market. Their website says "Coming Soon". I drove by it the other day and no visible activity yet. Hopefully it won't be too long until it's up and running.

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        What I heard there'd be 2 asian market opening soon in that area. One is the 99 Ranch in Regional Drive, and the other one near Alcosta on the border of San Ramon and Dublin.
        Not much detail on that 2nd one, on what's going to be the name.

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          99 Ranch Market will be in Dublin at Regional Street and Amador Valley Blvd, The store in San Ramon will be called Le Asia at the site of the former Ralph's Store on Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway. Le Asia in San Ramon is currently accepting applications for employment, so they will likely be opening that store soon. I'm looking forward to the opening of both stores, welcome additions to the Valley. .

          1. re: Asian Guy

            Le Asia opened on August 18th, and it was great. It by far surpassed my expectations, and it fills a niche in this community. The store is really big, and it's well-stocked with not only Chinese food items, but includes Thai, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian (from India), etc. They also have a lot of American items which are tastefully integrated adjacent to the Asian items. There's a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fresh seafoods. There are tanks of live crabs, lobsters, and catfish... the vast variety of fresh seafood is great. This niche has been lacking in the San Ramon Valley. Visit the store when you get a chance, it's wonderful, Eventually, the store will include a food court, serving interesting and flavorful Asian cooked foods. There's a section in the Galleria side of the store that features Japanese confectionaries (candies and crackers). I was informed that there are 900 varieties of those confectionary items. Cost of those items are $3.99 per 4-oz (this is $15.96 per pound). Check out the Sanrio section too of Hello Kitty type items, and there's a section of Japanese cosmetics. There's something for everybody, even Chinese DVDs. Enjoy your shopping experience !!! I sure did.

            Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening ceremony. There was the traditional Lion Dance, The second picture includes Le Asia's owner, Paul Lee.

            1. re: Asian Guy

              We were out there yesterday for the grand opening too. But arriving around 6pm, some the shelves were looking pretty picked over. I was impressed by the amount of square footage, wide aisles, and the number of staff working the floors, especially the runners at the cash registers checking any missing prices. I thought the candy store was unique in our pan-Asian stores, somewhere to spend more time. Definitely more Japanese selection than at the competition. Seafood looked very good, Maine lobsters are $7.99/lb as an opening special. For as many people as there were inside, I was really impressed that it was not hard to get a space in the big parking lot --- a big plus over some of the Ranch 99 stores.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                When we were there around 1:00 pm we had to cruise the parking lot for about 5 minutes to find a space. Finally someone left and we got there space. None of the food booths are operating yet. Disappointing. They have lots of seafood, and the meats looked good. It was a zoo, with some lines backed up almost to the back of the store. We didn't buy anything because we didn't want to wait in a half hour line. We'll return during the week.

                1. re: chow_eb

                  We went there at around 1pm on grand opening day. The parking lot was full, but not that difficult to find one if you park nearby Longs Drug.
                  The cashiers line inside was quite long, waited about 20 minutes. They had promotion where if you spend certain amount of dollars, you get free items, such as 2-litre Coke, Chinese Sausage and 20-25lbs rice.
                  I noticed that they also have Indonesian food section, with quite good selections.

      2. GODD NEWS !!! Ranch 99 in Dublin (at Amador Valley Blvd and Regional Street) will be opening on Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

        Ranch 99 - Dublin store
        7333 Regional Street
        Dublin, CA 94568
        (925) 833-3999

        Business Hours:
        9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (7 days a week)

        Here's the link to the Ranch 99 website in case you're interested.

        By the way, Le Asia (an Asian Supermarket) in San Ramon at Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway, has been a great place to shop for groceries. Some of their produce prices have been truly outstanding.