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Feb 18, 2007 07:44 PM

Trader Joe's White Truffle Oil

I just bought some tonight because I've never had Truffles before and I wanted to get a general idea of what they taste like and smell like. What do you guys think of Trader Joe's White Truffle Oil?

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  1. I like it and think it is a good value.

    1. My experience with the oil is it's OK at best. Not bad, but definitely not tops. How could it be for the price? And as with most truffle oils, it's flavored with 'aroma,' a fancy industry word for perfume. Several years back, Jeffery Steingarten did a wonderful piece in Vogue on how difficult it is to find a truffle product with actual truffle in it. My advice: invest in a real truffle and shave it into your food now and then for an unforgettable flavor.

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        tleaf, the bottle does list "aroma" as one of the ingredients, but the first ingredient is "olive oil infused with white truffles (tuber magnatum pico)." Funny thing is we've got another bottle here that a friend brought back from France; it's in a pretty bottle and looks more legit, but the ingredients list only "huile d'olive vierge etra" and "arómé."

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          "Infused with" is the key part.
          Try writing a letter to them asking exactly how many grams of fresh Tuber Magnatum Pico per liter of oil they used in their "infusion".
          If you get an answer -any answer- from them, I'll happily eat this keyboard I'm now typing in.

      2. What do you do with it generally speaking?

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          I asked the same thing recently. People gave me some great responses: