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Feb 18, 2007 07:30 PM

Authentic Italian Pasta

I was is Sorento last November. We went to a store where we purchased great dried
spices, etc. I thought we would be going to several more shops but ended up going
back to the cruise ship. I never got a chance to purchase any pasta to bring home.
We had eated at a great restaurant and only know that the pasta was about 1 inch
in length and thick. Can anyone tell me where I can buy it on line. I have all these
great spices just waiting for the real thing in pasta. Thanks

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  1. Sounds like "paccheri" which you are looking for. Latini is the best pasta made in Italy. I am sure that you can google it and find it on line.

    1. A.G.Ferrari ( has paccheri and other specialty pastas,like calamari and fusilli col buco, from Pasta di Gragnano, near Naples and Sorrento.