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Feb 18, 2007 07:23 PM

How thick do you make your Tomato Soup?

I just tried my hand at cooking Tomato Soup and was told by someone that it is too thick. I was wondering, when you make it do you usually make on the thick side or on the thin side?

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  1. a big part of the reason I make my own soup is because I looove thick soups - including tomato. thick soups rock!

    1. i like thicker also. lately have been making tomato/white bean.

      when i was a kid, i used to crumble about a million saltines into my bowl of tomato soup to make it chunky.

      1. For tomato soup, I prefer a medium-to-thin consistency. By medium to thin I mean substantial enough not to be water or simple broth but not like thick gravy. I find soups that use a chicken stock to be better medium-thin if it's suspending something like tomatoes or butternut squash, i.e., the micro-bits of tomatoes have a better surface to tongue factor. I know, sounds nutty but I find it true. For cream based soups, I think medium to think works better...since you want that smoothness.

        1. i love roasting my tomatoes and garlic, then purreing them with a little cream..yum.

          1. Thicker than broth, but not as thick as pizza sauce. I just had a smoked tomato bisque out that was as thick as canned tomato puree. We duplicated it at home, but made it much thinner. I agree totally with ML8000 about the tongue factor.