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How thick do you make your Tomato Soup?

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I just tried my hand at cooking Tomato Soup and was told by someone that it is too thick. I was wondering, when you make it do you usually make on the thick side or on the thin side?

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  1. a big part of the reason I make my own soup is because I looove thick soups - including tomato. thick soups rock!

    1. i like thicker also. lately have been making tomato/white bean.

      when i was a kid, i used to crumble about a million saltines into my bowl of tomato soup to make it chunky.

      1. For tomato soup, I prefer a medium-to-thin consistency. By medium to thin I mean substantial enough not to be water or simple broth but not like thick gravy. I find soups that use a chicken stock to be better medium-thin if it's suspending something like tomatoes or butternut squash, i.e., the micro-bits of tomatoes have a better surface to tongue factor. I know, sounds nutty but I find it true. For cream based soups, I think medium to think works better...since you want that smoothness.

        1. i love roasting my tomatoes and garlic, then purreing them with a little cream..yum.

          1. Thicker than broth, but not as thick as pizza sauce. I just had a smoked tomato bisque out that was as thick as canned tomato puree. We duplicated it at home, but made it much thinner. I agree totally with ML8000 about the tongue factor.

            1. Perhaps the person that told you this is used to canned tomato soup only?

              1. My simple tomato soup would probably be considered thin. There certainly isn't anything in it to thicken it. It is my go to recipe when I am sick because it is so darn easy and full of vitamin C and garlic. Basically a can of whole tomatoes, chicken stock, an onion, a couple of cloves a garlic, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper and dried oregano and basil. Best when served with grilled cheese or a crusty bun.

                I think overall there are several styles to tomato soup - so don't listen to whoever told you it was too thick!

                (Actual details are here:
                http://dailyunadventures.blogspot.com... )